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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Confession of a Pathological Liar

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Written by Albion
Monday, 31 October 2011 11:49


What have all these following organisations got in common?

  • UKIP
  • BNP
  • Britain First
  • CIB
  • Countryside Alliance
  • The Freedom Association
  • Libertarian Alliance
  • British Constitution Group
  • National Farmers federation
  • National Front
  • Fishing Industry
  • Bombardier
  • English Democrats
  • Motor Cycle action group
  • The New Party
  • Popular Alliance
  • Plus some which are mildly euro sceptic, The New Party, English Democrats and others.

To varying degrees all of the above are Euro-sceptic or have been adversely affected by edicts from Brussels. The single party system in this country does not give you a choice at the ballot box even assuming the election has not been rigged by brown and black representatives working for cultural or immigrant self interest groups. It is hard to select any foreign or national policy that is not tri-partisan to the system of government in the UK. So the ballot box achieves absolutely nothing.

One could believe we are living in a non-democratic authoritarian collective and you would be right. Very few people understand the far reaching, dreadful, nation destroying injustices being done to the people indigenous to these islands that is plaguing and reshaping our society.

I maintain the two biggest dangers to world peace are the European Union and the United Nations. Both are Globalist in structure but it is the United Nations that masquerades as a world wide arbitrator blessed with the judgement of Solomon.

They are not, they are just an integral part of the world wide New Order. It consists of powerful blocs who protect their spheres of influence zealously. ‘United’ Nations is an anathema. It is a tool of the illuminati.

It is the United Nations that funnels the presently evolving primitive black and brown societies into the nations of the civilized west; it is not the European Union. The United Nations veiled purpose is a vehicle to reshape the world, its politics and its peoples, its grubby fingerprints are all over the events taking place in the Middle East as I write.

It places the primitive third world peoples in a cocktail shaker along with European civilised societies, gives it a good shake and hopes that all hell does not break loose. The 7/11 bombings, Notting hill riots, the London riots and a host of others has proved otherwise with decades of angst still yet to come.

The European Union write our laws and govern our country. It has taken around 60 years for Europe to reach this stage of societal fragmentation. Disassembling it could take as long but it will be one step at a time. Forget democracy, no change real or otherwise will come via the ballot box. I see the ballot box as a magician’s prop, using sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors, tricks and illusions performed to confuse the dulled peasants.

What strikes fear into the heart of any politician is ‘people power’. A huge display of dissatisfaction with the government would have far more impact than a charade of pretend democracy at the ballot box. This is the moment in time when the question of our enslavement by the EU was going be discussed in Westminster, I would say the result had already been decided before the treacherous members had taken a show of hands.

All these groups listed above should be approached to call on their members and supporters to join in their thousands to protest on the streets calling for UK OUT OF THE EU. No political banners should be flown; it is of paramount importance that no one political party or group should be seen to have any involvement in the organisation of the protest. It needs extremely dedicated and motivated people to organize this show of people power to awaken the people of Great Britain and the people of Europe out of their apathy and whose destiny lays with a Marxist cabal in Brussels.

Cameron might say foreign rule is what the people want, NO, it is what he and his masters in Brussels want, that is not democracy. Democracy? Well it means different things to different people, ask our Prime Minister.