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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Muslim Grooming, So are we going to "deal" with this problem or not?

So are we going to "deal" with this problem or not? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Green Arrow
November 2011

girl-in-cage_120_x_120Earlier this week on Monday 7th November, Channel 4's Dispatches programme had the courage to tackle a serious problem that our cowardly politicians and police refuse to recognise.

Namely the sexual exploitation of white British female children by the predatory paedophiles from the Pakistani and Bangladeshi colonisers.

Dispatches appears to have been very careful in their choice of investigative journalist chosen for the task and selected Tazeen Ahmad, an attractive and intelligent Pakistani woman who was brought up as a moslem.

Ms Ahmad has a history of fronting programmes that deal with Islams shameful oppression of women and also how inbreeding within the colonising Pakistani forces are producing children ten times more likely to be born with recessive genetic disorders that wind up costing the True British People a fortune to treat in our over burdened hospitals.

Now in all fairness, Ms Ahmad did a good job given the subject, as I suspect, that a white journalist would not have been given the opportunity to ask the questions of the colonisers that she was free to ask. A white interviewer would most likely have been accused of being a "racist" and then run out of their areas of occupation.

But no Ms Ahmad called a spade a spade and said that it was wrong to say that the paedophiles were "Asians" and pointed out that these animals were predominantly of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin and that the problems from these communities needed to be be dealt with most severely.

The Dhimmi white police officer and white politicians interviewed, of course took great care not to point at ANY particular race and trembled with fear in case they be thought of as being "racist".

Now the attitudes of the young Pakistani men interviewed, who explained just how they mind screw the young girls for months before sexually assaulting them prior to pimping them out to old moslem men was a real eye opener into the mindset of the people who are taking over our country and shows what the future for white women is going to be like unless British Men start to grow some balls and fight back.

White girls are there to be exploited and "ask" for it - the smaller they are, the higher the charge, the younger they are, the higher the charge, the tighter they are the higher the charge. Our Children, sold like pieces of meat to perverts who only see these children as sex objects and not as young children or even human.

Now here is where we can learn a lesson from them for once. A male moslem "community" worker was asked why "Asian" girls were not treated in the same way as the young white children and his reply said it all.

He said that because "their" communities were so tight, that should any moslem try such a thing then they would be "dealt" with. It is time white people came together as real communities and "dealt" with this problem at local levels.

Now the programme carries a warning that it contains descriptions of sexual violence that some viewers might find upsetting. Well I do not know about upsetting - it should fuel more than that in any True British Male.

You have 28 days from now, to watch this show and can do so by clicking on this link. I urge you do to so.