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Saturday, 26 November 2011

V For ‘Visitor’ Rights

V For ‘Visitor’ Rights

By Southwest Nationalist.

Experts writing for journal Astrobiology have speculated that alien life may exist within our solar system – the moon Titan, in orbit around Saturn, in fact.

It’s interesting that Stephen Hawking speculates that, in order to survive, humanity must one day colonise the stars.

Is that when we run out of room and resources due to the catastrophic – and largely man made – population explosions in Africa and Asia, or when we render the planet barren and radioactive in the inevitable wars that will arise due to the same overpopulation?

One always wonders why we’re so desperate to find alien life at any rate.

We’ve all seen V – the original, not that awful soap opera with aliens remake – no good will come of it.

Not that the aliens would have to invade us by force.

Give them a week and they’ll be signing on down at the local DSS, before returning to a council house kindly provided by the local authorities.

We’ll have changes in the law so that those aliens can eat their halal, err sorry, human dinners, and loads of rights groups will spring up to defend them.

Say a bad word about them and you’ll be in prison, you nasty interstellar racist you, equality is universal.

We’d probably get Labour offering the aliens special political wings in the party, and Nick Clegg whining that the extra-terrestrials have trouble getting bank loans.

And, of course, any aliens who did attack us would just be a small minority, they’re the visitors of peace you know – you can imagine the politically correct media and politicians swarming all over that one.

Nope, those aliens are best left undiscovered, we’ve enough problems here already with aliens of our own.