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Saturday, 9 June 2012

British Gangs? Asian? Let's Be Honest and say the M(uslim) Word About Child Sex Grooming Gangs

British Gangs? Asian? Let's Be Honest and say the M(uslim) Word About Child Sex Grooming Gangs

muslim enrichmentSome days (okay, all days) you really have to loathe the Daily Mail.  The effort on Nazir Afzal speaking about grooming gangs - and it can be partly attributed to his lamentable comments - is laughable.

You've just got to take a look at the URL and rss feed info to start with.

The URL is :

British gangs?  They are not British, a piece of paper slapped in their hands saying that they are does not make them so, and I think the vast majority of Britain would agree there.
They're Pakistani, Afghan, other nationalities, and almost all Muslim.

Nazir Afzal notes in that Mail article "that the perpetrators were Asian and the victims were not".

Not a mention is made - leaving a general race aside - of how many perpetrators were Muslim, and how many victims were not.

It's not Sikhs and Hindus out there in their thousands raping and abusing white girls, one can bloody well understand why they are annoyed that the "Asian" label is applied time after time.

Whether those Sikhs and Hindus should be here or not is another matter, we nationalists are at least honest and don't seek to tar them with a brush which they don't deserve.

Though, most of us writers, like myself, without huge salaries, expenses, and the resources of a national paper, end up stuck with having to say "Asian" because we aren't given the information from police and mass media to say otherwise.

We'd be jumped on if we said Muslim when someone wasn't, and that would be used to discredit us in the 99% of other cases where saying Muslim would be spot on.

We can reduce child sex grooming gangs to a simple sentence though : It's predominantly Muslim, and of those Muslims a very large amount are Pakistani.

As we saw looking towards Luton recently, Sikh's find their children a victim to Muslim grooming and sexual exploitation as well.

The media and officialdom just won't tell the truth though - it is about race, and it is about culture, but the primary common factor between offenders is religion.

The common factor with victims, most of whom are white, is that they do not belong to that religion.

That religion is Islam.

The press and officialdom now fasten on to the issues of race and culture - because they had no choice, the cat is out of the bag.  They aren't speaking now for our benefit, it's just because their backs were against the wall and they had to say something because the lie was unravelling.

However, it is partially a diversionary tactic.  Look at how many Muslims, Asians, and so on, are now trotted out to point out there is an "Asian" or a "cultural" or occasionally a "Pakistani" problem.

Many as there may be, none of them dare say the Islam word.

Some victims say it - one Toni-Marie Redfern, who gave evidence against Abid Mohammed Siddique and Mohammed Liaqat, who groomed white girls in Derby, commented that :

"I was a white girl who he wanted to control and prove that he could convert to Islam.  I saw him and the gang tell non-Muslim girls they were 'slags'.  I believe it was the religion and culture of these men that made them act like that."

It is about race.  It is about culture.  And it is about religion.

Victims are singled out because they don't belong to any of the same groups as the perpetrators, and then they are raped, and abused, and subjected to every indignity under the sun.

There is very much a 'superiority' aspect - those not of the race and religion are inferior, there to be used and abused.

Whilst the media and officialdom focuses on culture and race (or clamour to deny either plays a part as Keith Vaz has argued, or just attempt to avoid it altogether with idiotic statements like "most paedophiles are white" as many are wont to do), religion - Islam - and the role it plays, is utterly sidelined and ignored.

Perhaps instead of solely referring to offenders as "Asian", police and media should tell the truth and tell us all whether they are Muslim/non-Muslim.

That would surely open a few eyes.

But no, they'll ignore it, even now things are at boiling point they still seek sideshows of blaming a broader group such as "Asians", instead of daring to say the I(slam) or M(uslim) words.