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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nationalism, The White Knight

saintgeorge 140 x 109There is a dark cloud covering Europe.  A land mass that was once home to a proud, innovative people who once ruled mini Empires; Holland, France, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Germany and of course Great Britain who ruled the greatest empire since the Romans, now this land mass festers with social discontent, bankruptcy, unemployment and fear of fragmentation by greedy bankers, traitorous politicians and an unrelenting tsunami of migrants from primitive lands and cultures, the very lands they once ruled.
The cement that held these advanced European countries together was national pride, pride in their achievements and strength of purpose, but when national pride is removed by the deliberate diluting of its people as is happening throughout Europe, so signals the death of national unity and identity, any complaint is dealt with harshly by laws enacted solely for this purpose.  This is a dark, Satanic, rabid Socialism masquerading as a democratic system doing what it does best.
The world thought its head was cut off after WW2 but it morphed into another shape, a multi headed Hydra, a poisonous combination of Communist, fascist, Socialist and Fabianist, the socialist society that laid many of the foundations of the Labour Party, and subsequently affected the policies of states emerging from the decolonisation of the British Empire, especially India.  Its evil lair now resides in Brussels.
We are discussing the destruction of National pride by the combined forces of the socialist left.  The same forces that were directly responsible for the deaths of millions of ordinary Russian people, the same forces that triggered WW1 and WW2.  It was NATIONALISM that defeated Hitler’s National ‘Socialism’ and again it will be Nationalism that will be again required to sacrifice many lives to defeat far left Socialism and Islamic Fascism and lift the dark cloud again threatening Europe.
It is not difficult to destroy a county, you remove their currency, their borders, the people’s divine right to say this in MY homeland, their right of free speech, dilute their ethnic identity by encouraging miscegenation by the use of televised subliminal images and messages, knowingly corrupt a system of democratic election by the widespread abuse of postal voting, and removing the voice of political parties they deem a threat.  The final insult to injury is when the aim of the unwanted cultures attacking your shores intend one day to replace your system of government and law with their own and at the same time shame the host nation into offering their own people political appointments in European parliaments by accusations of racial discrimination, and laws still continue to be enacted to stop the people complaining about losing their lands they intend to conquer by the womb.
The problems confronting Europe are serious and the far left are horrified at the rise of European Nationalist parties, the true voice of the people whose strangled voices for decades that have been stifled by the use of National Broadcasters who broadcast negative comments and images, governments using draconian laws to neutralise any resentment of what is in truth ‘ Genocide without the use of bullets’ of a European people aided by the Orwellian behaviour of the Ideological Police forces throughout Europe.  The people are finally waking up to the fact they have been duped.  They sold their birth-right and legacy without as much as a whimper.
Be very proud to be a Nationalist, it was your kin who fought and died for a free Europe and won, not the cowardly, limp wristed, mealy mouthed Liberalist whose moral consciousness is on a far lower level than his supposed enemy.  Those hundreds and thousands of defenders that died would be aghast why Nationalism is now a dirty word.  Nationalism was the identity, the uniform, Nationalists fought the Nazi’s.  Nationalism was the carrot used by governments to encourage the people to fight and die for freedom, and when freedom had been won the socialist politicians now crawl from their corners, smear, and slander and defame the Nationalist and Patriots in an attempt to reshape the world again.  As Orwell wrote it is a continuing war.

The forces of evil are on the march again and Nationalist's will be called on again to fight the multi-headed Hydra.  Europe is waking first, will Great ‘Briton’ follow?

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