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Friday, 1 June 2012

Thought) Crime and Punishment

South West Nationalist

1984 bigbrotherAs Jacqueline Woodhouse is handed 21 weeks in prison for committing the ultimate sin of speaking a few drunken words that the state considers to be racist, it may be an opportune time to look at sentencing in some other recent cases.

A lot about a societies priorities, who and what it values, and what it deems to be most important, can be read into the gravity with which it considers, and punishes, various crimes.

With Emma West in court soon, Jacqueline Woodhouse already handed 21 weeks inside, and Liam Stacey jailed for 56 days for his Twitter comments, let's just have a look and see some recent offences seemingly deemed less worthy of punishment.
Killing a puppy?  20 year old Serdar Bosnak threw a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy against a wall, killing it.  He received 14 weeks jail.

Sexually abuse a girl repeatedly when she's aged between 5 and 8?  After being convicted of four indecent assaults, four gross indecencies, four sexual assaults, and four charges of inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity, David Reed received a 12 months suspended sentence.

Breaking a toddlers arms and legs?  Emma Cartwright and Neil Gleaves did just that.  They'll not do a day in prison.  36 weeks suspended sentence, and a bit of community service.

Stealing £50,000 of lead from a church roof?  Florin Stan, Vergil Stan, and Nicolae Birsan, all Romanian, were given 12 month community orders and 55 hours of unpaid work for stealing the lead from a church roof in Hinckley.

Brutally attack a woman, beat her, and rub pizza in her face?  Kalee Powell, 18, and Precious Gordon, 19, carried out just such an assault on legal secretary Daniela Holischeck.  They received community orders, and were told to pay £300 compensation.

Possess nearly 5,000 vile images of child pornography?  Despite having previously been jailed for child porn offences, Nigel Hannibal was given a 3 year community order and told to take part in a sex offenders program.

Stalk schoolgirls, quiz them about sex, show a 13 year old a picture of your genitals, and then sexually assault a disabled woman?  That's a 2 year community order for Andrew Jackson after a judge took pity on his lack of sex life.

Swindle £14,000 of benefits and get convicted of fraud after pleading not guilty?  Mohammed Hossein Gholamy, failed asylum seeker, discovered to his joy that ripping off the British taxpayer to the tune of £14,212.87 only results in a 60 days suspended prison sentence and 200 hours community work.

We could go on and on, but the message is clear.

So called racism will be punished severely.  Animal cruelty, child abuse, child neglect, child pornography, sexual assault, violent attacks, theft, benefits fraud, and many other offences can attract lesser penalties than uttering (or typing) a few words deemed as racist.

Racism has been elevated to criminal offence number one, with Draconian laws and heavy punishments being used to silence a society increasingly angry at the multicultural nightmare.  Dissent will be stifled, society will be shaped by force.

In a so called free and democratic society we now have a system of thought and speech crime, severely punished, that many dictatorships of old would have been proud of.

Perverts, child abusers, fraudsters, thieves, violent attackers, all can walk free.  Any words not in praise of the enriching minorities who are colonising our nation will be met with severe retribution and incarceration.

That should really tell us something about the priorities of those running this nation, and those administering 'justice'.  We are in an era of thought crimes, a time when the frenzied gestapo of speech and conscience have free rein.  The cardinal crime in our nation today is to be named as racist.

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