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Saturday, 7 July 2012

The enemies amongst us

The enemies amongst us

Sarah maid of Albion

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through...all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
- Marcus Tullius Cicero January 3, 106 BC – December 7, 43 BC

Those words, first spoken more that twenty one centuries ago have been quoted often during the ensuing millennia, and are repeated frequently by nationalists in our own time. We need not question their longevity, for they remain as relevant and as apt today as they did when Cicero spoke them in the first century BC. In fact they are words never more pertinent than today, for our modern society has so blurred the line between honour and betrayal, between truth and between lies that traitors can move more freely, can spread their poison more widely and can have a more devastating effect than at almost any previous time in our history.

It was the traitor who told us we must question our old certainties, but he did so not for the sake of enlightenment but to undermine the bedrock and mortar which maintained our unity and our resolve. With those certainties went our beliefs and our values leaving us adrift and exposed to the dark shapes circling around us, and it was then that the traitor began his real work.

I speak of “the traitor” but he is, in fact legion and has swiftly infected almost every corner of our once great societies.  He comes in many forms, ranging from the true believer determined to destroy Western man for the sake of an ever evolving ideology, they are fanatics yet capable of changing their modus but not their aims following the collapse of the Soviet Union.  At the other end of the scale are effectively, drones, brainwashed into doing what they have been taught to believe is right.  

Between those two extremes are the cynics including politicians and the very rich who gain short term material gain from the joint enterprise, the third world racists who are doing it out of hate, and the white inverted racists, whom Pat Buchanan refers to as "ethno-masochist", people who delight in inflicting harm on their own ethnic group so as to earn what they view as moral credits.     

They are in our police forces, they proliferate in our judiciary and in our institutions, they sit in parliament and they dominate our schools and places of education where they teach lies and half truths in place of history and tell our children to feel shame for their race.

In this article I plan to focus of one of their most deadly manifestations the manner in which they have captured and transformed the Western media and imposed their deformed narrative upon all mainstream sources of information to the point where the media in all its mainstream forms has become one of the most deadly enemies of the West.  Deadly because it is they who inject the poisons and administer the sedatives which render us unable and unwilling to resist what is being done to use.

They are with us twenty four hours a day, creating false realities, forming out opinions and telling us what to think, whilst stealthily terrorizing and intimidating us until we become ashamed and frightened of our natural instincts and progressively secret views and anything which, in another age would have given us courage and prompted us to resist their campaign against us.

Our news men have long ago given up reporting the facts with anything approaching balance , they no longer inform, they indoctrinate.  They have ceased to be reporters and have become propagandists and even more so they have become censors.  Facts and events which if reported could undermine the official message are suppressed, silenced and hurled into the great silent shredder where uncomfortable truths now go to die.

Those events which can not be buried and hidden away are presented as something other than what they are, as with the true nature of the so called Arab “spring” the real ethnic make up of the “English” rioters or the reality of underage sexual grooming in Britain.

A few generations before our own, journalism could still be viewed as an honourable trade, when reporter still viewed their roles as seekers of truth and exposers of wrong doing. There is now no honour left in their murky trade. The truth is now the very last thing they seek and facts are not exposed, they are spun to suit an agenda or to act as modern fables essential to the ongoing indoctrination.

It has reached the point that there is no benefit to be gained from watching a television news broadcast or reading a newspaper unless you accept that a significant part of what is being laid before you is pure fiction and the rest, unless it is ideologically neutral, which very little is, will feature half truths and distortions.  

Briefly we are seeing a shadow of these liars true nature.  This very week the Leveson Inquiry into abuses by the media are beginning to expose the total contempt and disregard for the public endemic within the culture of our newsrooms, however, this is only scratching at the surface of the true iniquity and inherent treachery within the fourth estate.   

The inquiry will not go further than exposing phone hacking and lying about individual victims, it will not examine the role of these creatures in what has been done to our society.  We are only able to read about it because one section of the media are enjoying undermining Rupert Murdoch, who's Fox News organisation is likely to be the only section of the US media to oppose Obama's reelection in 2012.   In any event news reporting is only part of the brainwashing, and in many ways not the most insidious.

Although the vast majority of those reading at this site take an interest in news and current affairs, and many of us spend hours tracking down the truth behind news stories we are a tiny minority. Most of the public, especially the young, take little if any interest in “the news”, however, the media have other and far more powerful means of lying to them, through entertainment and popular drama.

Through TV screens, cinemas, DVDs even the music they listen to and the “popular” internet sites they visit an alternative reality is projected to them which complements and bolsters the fake reality which was taught to them in school.

The alternative reality is effectively a reverse reality where multicultural diversity is cool, desirable and benign, whereas nationalism and any opposition to the third world colonisation of the West is evil, malevolent and ugly.

Non-whites are eternally intelligent. honourable and desirable, or the innocent victims of European prejudice.  If they are not victims they doctors, teachers, scientists, policemen or in other ways heroic, whereas all paedophiles, rapists, serial killers bigots and, of course, all racists are white.

Then we have advertising which is beginning to take on a surreal element reminiscent of 1930’s style soviet Union style propaganda. For instance when happy white families spread Clover butter substitute on their sandwiches while gleefully applauding benign and elderly black musicians and when virtually every commercial for beauty products shampoo or slimming aids, as if by mandate have to feature three females “best friends” of politically correct differing ethnic shades, how do these differ from the images of happy peasants waving their scythes and sickles over a plentiful harvest, which were used by Russian propagandist to disguise a very different and far less attractive reality?.     

Beyond brainwashing the media has a more sinister role in spreading terror and encouraging obedience they do this by ensuring that any transgressors, and any who dare question the new orthodoxy are punished severely, humiliatingly and in public.  When the modern media exposes alleged “ra##ists” like Tiger Woods ex-caddy, or, they hope, John Terry, they are performing the same function as the stocks in medieval town squares, or the show trials behind the old Iron Curtain, their purpose being to scare the public into acquiescence.

To a monumental degree they have been extraordinarily successful in their malevolent scheme.

It has long been clear that the western media are among the greatest enemies of Western society, they are the traitors within our walls, it is they who are beaming their poison and their lies into our homes day after days, brainwashing, and terrorizing us, creating a false reality and hiding the truth from us.

Mass media has the means to create great good, however, it is being use to achieve great evil.

It is the agent which has brought us to where we are and it is the poison which will kill us.  We will not succeed, we will not survive unless be can break its deadly grip on our crippled and dying countries and expose the monsters lurking behind the toxic smokescreen they have created.