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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sir Cheif Constable Norman Bettison - Excuses on Grooming and Race

Sir Norman Bettison - Excuses on Grooming and Race

Chief Constable of Yorkshire, Sir Norman Bettison, has chosen this week to chime in about the grooming of children for sex and exploitation.

"I believe there is a problem that is very widespread, not just in Yorkshire, not just within the Muslim or Asian community, but there are girls who are vulnerable and those vulnerabilities are more and more often these days exploited" he said at a summit with 'community leaders'. You all know which community.

Bringing race into it himself - but it's only whites, he doesn't have to be PC about them - he said that some young white men see young girls as "easy meat" and that it was not "a faith or a race issue".

That skirts the issue entirely though.

White British = British, lock them up if they're perverts. But the fact is they're a British problem.

All these Pakistani and Afghan perverts, not British, and shouldn't be here to be our problem.

Just because we have homegrown perverts, that's no cause to be importing more.

And if we look to the victims of child abuse by grooming gangs, how many Muslim children are there sexually abused by non-Muslims? Please officialdom, no trite answer about we don't know because they keep it hidden to avoid bringing shame on their families or some similar banality.

Many whites probably never report it, or don't get taken seriously by police, so the figures for whites are probably far lower than reality and it would thus make for a fair comparison.

Apparently Bettison is happy at the "determination and willingness of the religious leadership to be involved in preventing exploitation in the future and sending a powerful message to Muslim communities that this is abhorrent behaviour that should be stamped upon" though.

So - Muslims create the problem. Police, politicians, social workers, and the Muslims, do their best to ignore it for years. Then, when it can no longer be kept silent, Muslims are determined to be involved in preventing exploitation in the future.

We're supposed to be grateful for that, or consider it in any way a reassurance? People knew this was going on years ago, where were the Muslim communities then?

Of course, police like Bettison have to mention white perverts - funny if a white commits a crime against a minority the police never feel the need to point out there are Pakistani perverts too. Wonder why that is?

It's all the same old attempt to diffuse the issue, spread blame around, and ignore the facts.

Had these perverts never been imported, would countless British children have avoided being sexually abused? Yes.

Is multiculturalism worth the countless victims left used and abused in its wake? No.

Simple, but the powers that be will never admit to either, it's all spin, coverups, and praise the minorities from whose community the problem originates.

The truth is simple - countless children have been, and are, being betrayed by those who should have been looking out for them. Multiculturalism isn't worth one victim, let alone the huge amount of victims we see all around us.

You don't get to be Chief Constable, or a Sir, for being honest about such matters though - it's just not the done thing.