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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Hurrah for the Olympics

Hurrah for the Olympics

zion 2012Well, it's Olympics time.  Hurrah.  We can see the Zion logo plastered on 50 channels at a time, and watch Africans - who are just as British as us! - throw spe...err javelins and run like a lion was hot on their backside drooling for dinner.

Bet you all can't wait.

We've had it hyped for months that there's a strong chance of terrorism occurring - be it false flag, or genuine, in reality no sensible person would want to be within ten miles of the damn Olympics.

Then again no sensible person would want to be near them anyway, with or without every single media outlet screaming that something will happen.
For most countries (at least the ones in the West) it's no longer about national teams competing against other nations teams, it's about grab an enricher who can run fast and say they are now of the same nation as us.

Already the first few African athletes have claimed asylum, one fetching up in a Leeds police station to register his claim.  Those buggers sure can run, they just imagine a DSS office at the finishing line.

Gay groups have encouraged those athletes and staff from 'oppressive regimes' - aka those who object to such joys as buggery and rimming as being promoted as normal - to use the chance of being in Britain to claim asylum.  Watch for a spike in HIV cases a while down the line, African and gay combine the two highest risk groups.

Some sources estimate that 2% of all athletes, officials, and supporters, coming here will try and stay.  It will probably be higher.

Lucky us, once the circus is gone we'll still be left with an additonal army of demanding enrichers.  Bet they beat the 100 metre sprint record when someone waves a giro at them, and long jump straight to the front of the housing lists.

Greek athlete Voula Papachristou has been booted out of her team for a post on Twitter and her support of the Golden Dawn.

"With so many Africans in Greece, at least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!" reads the offending Tweet.

Can't fault it for accuracy, but when did the thought police ever care about that?

Apparently it goes against the spirit of the Olympics though - she should have saidall Africans are brilliant, only whites commit crime, she was ashamed to be white, and all whites are racist.  She'd have been fine then, would probably have got a pay rise and a job on TV.

Funny that it's not against the spirit of the games to have all kinds of oppressive regimes field teams.

I can't remember his name, but there was a black athlete (Jamaican I think) who said that blacks are better than whites at various events.  That's surely racist, but he's not on a plane home - he can say it without a care, it only matters when whitey says something.  That's equality for you.

It's all a bloody farce and it hasn't even started yet - still, there's some delicious irony in the hype accorded to the Olympic flame considering its origins.

More Africans staying here, more foreign criminals descending on the crowds, TV saturation coverage telling us how great it is, the thought police unleashed, and surface to air missiles on rooftops.  What a celebration of sporting triumph for 2012.

Whoever made that Zion logo must be wetting themselves with glee as the sheep lap it up. 

Hurrah for the Olympics, somehow it seems truly fitting of the sorry state Britain has been reduced to today.