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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sandy Hook elementary school shooting , a Suspicion!

 By Horwich Nationalists

As concerning the Sandy School shootings ,This is awful and a tragedy! innocent blood spilled!
And what I write will be as most likely be treated at first with revulsion, and duely noted as I suspect I would also normally do so say this was 1976.
But! I have a strange and suspicion in my mind, the same thing happened at Hungerford and Dunblane over here in the UK .
With the perpetrator been found dead by committing suicide. And apparently the same profile of the shooter white socially isolated male. .
And in both cases was then followed by draconian gun laws.that severely restricted the publics accessibility to fire arms. on the grounds that stopped any threat to the public.

I am sorry but I am  very suspicious about such heartbreaking tragedies now. 
As they never happened as i recall, before the clamour for gun control both here and the USA. As in both cases soon after you get the liberal elitist politicians with fake sympathy , I am sorry but I rely do think it is so, to them it is an opportunity to forward their agenda of slavery!

I put this forward as something to consider that is all . As I do not put anything past a govt that will bomb a wedding party in Afghanistan to get there one objective.When the overall objective achieved here and especially desired in the USA by the Liberal elites is to remove the 2nd amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. In which it's citizens have the right to bear arms, in case of a tyrannical government.
One only has to see how helpless we the people in the UK  are against our own tyrannical Government of elitists, with their heavily armed political police force. Who are determined on an agenda on racial and cultural genocide of the indigenous British people.To realise the awful quote of Lenin " One man with a gun can control a hundred with out one." And then concerning gun laws and the no access of firearms to the responsible adult population to a nation, one can only be suspicious now about these all to common events that seem to happen ONLY WHEN CALLS FOR GUN CONTROL ARE BING PUSHED FOR BY THE ELITE!