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Friday, 20 May 2016

Traitors Abound


Despite our predecessors successfully fending off invasions from Continental Europe for almost 1,000 years, we now face an army of economic nomads who believe that the prosperity gained by the hard work and toil of British workers over generations is theirs for the taking.
The most shameful part of this whole sorry saga is that our own government would appear to agree with them, and are prepared to sit back and allow the on-going destruction of British heritage and cultural identity to continue unabated.
As if this wasn’t bad enough Local authorities and the Education Department now require us to embrace and promote the cultures and traditions of these new arrivals. Many nurseries and schools now face a damning OFSTED report if they fail to promote Multiculturalism and Diversity to the required levels enforced upon them by Common Purpose traitors that have taken over many positions of authority within the establishment.
Any remaining power that we still possess in this country will be eroded by Brussels until Westminster has about as much authority as a parish council. We have no other choice other than to leave the EU and restore our right to self-determination. It is time to regain our national pride and put Britain and our people first.
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