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Friday, 20 May 2016

We must instill terror in our leaders

 We must instill terror in our leaders

John Morley·Wednesday, 18 May 2016
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No matter how scary or strange this might sound, this is our most likely way of winning.

We hit critical mass some time last year.
We polled more than half the population in July of 2015.

Yet we are still not in power.
We have nobody to vote for and we had to vote in Cameron to keep Labour out in the last election.

We still have a bunch of jack asses running our country telling us Islam is the religion of peace.
Our televisions and our schools are still vainly trying to brainwash us with out and out lies about what muslims believe in.

The reason is because those who know the truth are more afraid of the muslims than they are of us.

The muslims are only 5% of the population whereas we were 56% last July and we must by now be even more strong.

We still have nobody to vote for.

Even Farage dares not say Islam is bad.
He puts forward muslim candidates to court the approval of the mass media (who hate him anyway).
He ignores the feelings of the 87% of UKIP voters who have said they view Islam as a threat to our nation in a poll last July.
He talks about teaching Christianity in schools when most of us of fighting age or younger are atheists and only the dying generation are principally theists.

So we need to scare the shit out of these people to make them say the truth.
When they say the truth on television we get the last bit of the population onside in the same way we suddenly agreed about Hitler once war was declared.

We need to speak as one voice.

Every single person I speak to agrees with me that we must execute our leaders where they have betrayed us and led us into severe trouble.

I am not suggesting breaking any laws here.

I am suggesting that we make it clear that when the dam does finally burst, any politician who has not changed sides fast enough is put on trial and executed in our customary manner for traitors.

Only this will move things along faster.

They will act to save their own skins.
...but as you can see they will not act to save our skins.

It is customary to use the method of hanging, drawing and quartering.

Let us skip the hanging and the quartering to make things more simple.

Let me remind you what "drawing" is...

You open a person's abdomen and you draw out their intestines while they are alive.

If there is a clear public intention to do that, then I can assure you they will stop fucking about and start doing something.
...or else hand over the reigns to proper men as happened when Chamberlain stepped down in 1939.

We didn't execute that idiot (Chamberlain) and so we now have another generation of idiots thinking they can get away with doing the same old shit all over again.

To avoid future generations of politicians pulling this same shit in the future we need to leave a horrifying example for history.

I am sure Cameron is a really nice guy and so was Chamberlain but 10s of millions of innocent people died because Chamberlain was such a vassalating prick (more afraid of upsetting Hitler than of upsetting Britain).
So now Cameron is taking us down the exact same horrifying road.

The problem gets bigger with every year he protects the problem and allows it to fester.

I am not suggesting being so barbarous with our enemies as I am with our leaders.
If we were they would fight much harder.

For them I say

Our first resort ought to be to de-program them.
This is mathematically the superior option.
Every time we do that there is one less of them and one more of us.
It avoids the unpleasantness of deportation.

Where that is not possible our next resort ought to be to deport them.
Given their huge numbers we should do it the same way we have been getting them recently.

Put them in open boats off the same shores they came from.
This ain't a whole lot different from what Turkey and North African countries are doing to us right now.

In fact, to emulate them more closely we should put them in boats just off our own shores and let their navies come pick them up if they give a shit.

Where deportation is not possible it is because they are fighting us.

Where that is the case they have chosen their own fate and oblivion awaits them.

They are almost doubling every ten years going by the 2001 and 2011 census figures.

This is all about ideology and not race.
If someone was born here (and their family was here for a thousand years) it makes no difference.
If they choose that side then they must go.

IF our leaders do nothing for long enough then our enemies are not even going to wait until they are in the majority.
When we look at other countries we can see the bloodshed gets regular once they are at 10% of the population.

Every asshole who sides with them has to go with them.
You can not afford to be the slightest bit soft about this.
We have to be more frightening to people than they are and that means we need to be very frightening indeed.

We are going to wind up in power probably at some point even if our enemies have to force our leaders hands.

But if we are fierce enough now we can make this happen while there are still 19 of us to every one of them.

Our leaders are terrified of our enemies and terrified of upsetting them by criticising their religion.

We must make our leaders more terrified of us than they are of our enemies.

If our enemies don't want to renounce their ideology or leave and instead want to fight us then their DNA is erased from history.
The tougher we are - the fewer the casualties.
The weaker we are - the more the casualties and the greater the suffering.

Let's try and avoid a situation where millions die because of some stupid and sick religion and some cowardly leaders who think only of today and care not a jot for tomorrow.
Let's try and nip this in the bud now!

To our leaders we must say: "Ignore us now and we will tear your entrails out in front of you tomorrow".

It is not in any way a threat to break the law.

We will be the law on the day that happens.

We will be the government and you will be criminals getting your just desserts.
You've been warned!
Footnote by Horwich Nationalists ,

Quite true, the fear of the mob is always a brake on the ambition of the tyrant. That is why they have bought the mob off with easy living via the fiat currency system. But once that fiat system collapses ,soon. The the mob will be able to manipulated either to the Nationalist or the Globalist agenda. We must be ready to react