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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Adam Wallace: The Furious Young Men - I am not an angry young man - I'...

Published  Aug 2016
of the best ever things ever conceived in the mind of man began in the
meeting rooms of pubs & bars, and The Furious Young Men may well be
one such thing.  (Grateful thanks to The Extremists Club for the kind
permission to upload this video.) The angry young men were a collection
of poets, novelists and playwrights who stormed the cultural scene in
1950’s Britain paving the way for the swinging 60’s with Soho, London as
the centre of it all.  The 1960’s turned out to be little more than a
cultural desert whose dull monotony was alleviated by the use of mind
destroying drugs.  Our civilization has been declining ever since.  Now a
new generation of angry young men has arose, a generation that is not
just angry, but furious – furious with the lazy older generations who
were fooled by the promise of free love – which led to the destruction
of the family and society; fooled by the illusion of world peace  -
which led to endless wars to make the world safe for Israel and a world
ruled by shadowy bankers; and fooled by the supposed nirvana of
individualism – which led to no one willing to take responsibility,
pathological selfishness,  short-term shallow thinking and the
destruction of all organic identities.
The angry young men of today
like Bill Hopkins, Colin Wilson and John Braine of a previous
generation, have turned their backs resolutely on Marxism, Capitalism
and Liberalism and are instead looking towards Traditionalism as the way
to sort out the muddled mess in which we find ourselves.  Adam Wallace,
broadcaster, blogger and ‘real reactionary’ is such a man and  part of
 a group of young men, others include The Mighty Subal, Millennial Woes
and Morgoth of Morgoth's Review, who are driving the
Identitarian/Nationalist/Traditionalist/Alt-Right movement into 'The
Happening' movement of the 21st Century.  I give you ‘The Furious Young

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