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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Well Ms May, you are wrong by saying nothing other than


Christopher Michael Baksa

Well Ms May, you are wrong by saying nothing other than "we will do everything we can to keep paying in, abide by the rules and exit in a way that helps Europe". I suggest you get your house in order and instill article 50 as soon as possible. Like Now.!!!!!

What about helping the UK you numpty. Do you not understand Europe helps itself. Germany, like America, like all the other countries bullying and threatening us to stay in the EU are only interested in what they can get out of us.

How many countries worldwide enjoy doing business directly with the EU without first coming through us or having us at the negotiating table? Come on world, how many of you, especially South Africa, China, India and the many more actually find the EU a simple, timely, easy straightforward, non-interfering and trustworthy bloc to negotiate with?

How many of us really believe all 28 countries make the decisions and it's a myth that it's a German dominated Franco-Bavarian Empire in the mould of old Ludwig?

All these countries struggling unable to do anything because of EU rules and the Euro. Have you not heard of all the deals that are on the table that wouldn't be if we hadn't voted out, as the EU would want there share. What part of unelected, unaccountable, and undemocratic do you not understand. When Merkel said come one come all did she ask all the other nations that are now being so adversely affected for there views well no she didn't.

Here in lies the problem with the EU you can't get rid of these idiots. One of the reasons we are uncompetitive in the markets well its the EU and there regulations. How long has this crisis of immigration been going on now? Have the EU come up with any plans to tackle this crisis well no, how unusual. When was the last time they did anything right? All the remoaners are lost in their little bubble, the Dutch had a referendum about Ukraine joining the EU. The Dutch voted against remember only one country needed to vote against to stop it. Go on the Mrs May remind us again what happened, the government were informed by the EU not to listen to its people and went ahead anyway. Is that the form of democracy we need or want in this country?

The EU hasn't filed accounts for 20 years, and there's only one reason why. Their simply hiding how they distribute funds, and hiding the wider agenda of Federal Europe,and their desire to control every aspect of our lives.. The Euro was implemented to delete the Franc, The Lira, The Escudo, The Marc, The paseto, and countless other sovereign currency's ultimately it's been introduced to make way for a single world currency, the Euro was never meant to survive.. Britain didn't vote for a deal with Germany, or Europe, and we do not need access to it's single market. Merkel's desperation to do a deal with Britain reflects the truth regarding Germany's 3rd attempt at dominating Europe,and in creating a Federal super-state.

Let's all consider that tariffs are a protectionist measure and the EU for instance puts a 10% tariff on Nissan and Toyota cars manufactured here in Britain. This is done to try and make them uncompetitive with the likes of VWs and BMWs.

What it basically means is that it is not free trade and the cars cost us 10% more to buy than they should. The fact is they cant stop us trading in Europe, but if we traded there and we were not members of the single market we would only have to pay tariffs on everything but the size of these tariffs would be decided by the World Trade Organisation.

In turn the EU would also have to pay these tariffs for everything they sell to us. So as they sell us £60 billion more than we sell them it would cost them more. This is why we should absolutely not accept free movement which many have said costs us a fortune to subsidise the wages of low skilled immigrants and not our own desperate forgotten people..