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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Lord Sainsbury paid £8MILLION to help fund campaign to stop Brexit

By M Baska 

The UK Government will be reconvening soon and it is pretty obvious many people are still either living in a state of complete denial, continually being arrogant Labour supporters, or haven't done their homework on the EU. Which like me some of us did.

We didn't just rely on the mainly Left Wing UK media (beginning with the BBC), telling us how wonderful Eurocrat Land is. Nor did we imagine the Daily Mail or in actual fact any newspapers would give us a fair understanding of the EU. I spent countless hours reading up on the EU; the huge USA banking interests in the EU and how these banking interests have systematically taken control of not just the EU but America as well.

As usual I have to remind you I am ashamed to be British, to my core. A referendum took place in which one side has labelled itself the worthy elite and in turn has labelled the other side ignorant racists. It is said both side have told lies during the campaign but lets not forget both voting camps followed their own instincts.

According to arrogant brain dead Remainers, their supporters are morally right and were not swayed by the perpetual myths put forward by the REMAIN campaign yet insist the 'intellectually corrupt' BREXIT voters were indeed swayed by lies and untruths.

Now this elite group use social media, the press and any other means to simply refuse to accept a democratic decision because they believe that it was made by people less educated than themselves, and conveniently label them all racist.

They are trying to usurp democracy, it's simple, and it's actually bordering on treason. I love this country, unlike the Corbyns, Tessa Jowells', the Owen Jones' and the whinging cosmopolitan elite. I believed I voted for democracy but it seems I was voting for people living in urban utopia to enjoy their comfortable place in life. To enjoy what is clearly an understanding that they know best, live better and want 'what is best for us all'. It sickens me that any and every half truth ( the latest preposterous claim being that Olympic Golds will suffer under BREXIT).

What world do these people live in? Do they think that elite sport, gold medals and nationalistic tub-thumping is more important than affecting poverty or rebuilding an economy?
Millions of pounds spent to get the incredible gold medal haul for an all too short opportunity to shout 'Rule Brittania'. Democracy was served, a decision was made. If the elite in London overturn this decision this country is truly finished.

Most People here knows London is the hub of the financial and service centre of England and the institution of the EU is nothing more than a front for a banking-corporate-political elite running from Washington, through to London and on into Brussels.

Why do you think even Obama was flown into the UK, by request of Cameron and the remain side, to try and scare us out of leaving the EU?

Why do you think two of the most corrupt USA banks, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, funded Cameron and Osborne's pro EU campaign? Do you seriously think that big banking sees the EU as you obviously do, some kind of socialist Utopia because of its open borders policy?

It is proven out by the state of EU banks and youth unemployment in Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy.

The real traitors of Europe are the likes of Juncker, an unelected, unaccountable little numpty who struts around dictating to entire EU nations. This old drunk who was a lousy President of tiny Luxembourg and very quickly shot into high power in the EU because of the juicy tax breaks he gave to multi nationals.

If they have done any real research whilst sunning it in their hideaway holidays they would realise that the EU is turning into a dictatorship. If they valued democracy as they should being UK citizens, then they could not support this corrupt institution. God knows we have enough on our plates with the endless fools, cheats and charlatans in our own parliament without having to cope with even more of them in Brussels...

Lord Sainsbury paid £8MILLION to help fund campaign to stop Brexit