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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

BREXIT ! You don't need to ask the jailer for permission to escape!

By N Carter 
You don't need to ask the jailer for permission to escape!
We do not trust the failing, stupid, bossy eu...that's why we voted to leave. So why would we trust them or their rules or their Article 50 !???
We must just walk away...say this:
The supreme power in any country, the People has decided on 23rd June then we are out of the eu.
To be polite we allow a transition until 6th April next. After that date our membership ends in all respects unless we agree separately otherwise. There will be no more pay and obey.
We impose a 10% tarrif on all trade after then unless a country has signed our standard UK Free Trade Arrangement one page form that allows mutual free trade on our current terms, or WTO terms, as we agree on-going in future.
This way is simple...and it is OUR agenda under OUR control...AND,
most importantly, allows us to benefit from our clean Brexit messing around, no eu spite or blackmail holding us up.
Our friends will leap forward to sign a form confirming our current arrangements tsday...and sweep away our 10% general tarrif.
Awkward people, like the eu, will suffer 10% tarrifs until they co-operate with us, like proper friends.
Best of all, WE are in control of our negotiations...and comfortable...for OUR future. Let the curmudgeonly suffer for their petulance. Leave them behind, wailing in their own we escape their clutches.
Our REAL friends will LOVE this ends uncertainty.

It amounts to a Universal Declaration of Independence (not unilateral: we're telling the world "for us, the eu is over").
We can get on then with our own money and our own future...and find out who our real friends are!

We can drive our own and friends' cars, eat our own friends' food and take holidays where we are welcome.
We like nice people.

And remove our enduring trade losses with the eu.

Sounds very good to me!