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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

We have been lied to on this over and over.

 By Baska

We have been lied to on this over and over.

In the ballot box on 23rd June all that we wanted and voted for was this poxy government giving serious attention in pertaining to the uncontrolled and excessive Migration crisis.

We have been lied to on this over and over. Propaganda, promises, threats and this scaremongering will be ignored by the people. We are intelligent enough to know fact from fiction!

The ever-increasing numbers show that in a few years, UK, as we knew it, will cease to exist. Overcrowding, poverty, shortages and crime will be the order of the day. We know the EU have no plans to change their strategy! Merkel will not change her migrant policies; indeed, they are preparing to set up a whole new state on the basis of the whole new world order they are looking to create.

It is our despicable Government who are telling us that everything will be alright, they treat us like fools! We grabbed the EU leave opportunity as an expectation of having any chance of this country enduring a sustainable future.

The government keep talking about NET immigration, which is the figure after the deduction of all the white people who move abroad each year to escape this madness. The true figures of mass immigration into the UK exceed 1/2 million every year since at least 6 or 7 million since that time. Nearly 2/3rds of these immigrants are black/brown from Northern Africa (Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan), Asia Pakistan and the Middle East.

The vast majority of the 7 million go straight on Welfare benefits and became emergency priority cases for Council Housing, very few have found employment. This is the reason the welfare and housing benefits bill has trebled over the same period since 2004.

Even Ian Duncan Smith tried his best to encourage reducing control of the country's population - but his efforts also included everyone having to accept austerity cuts and reduced benefits– as net migration to Britain reached the second highest level on record.

Is it not marvellous the way in which Con/LabLib with proven records of sheer bloody incompetents in office are being trotted out to spout utter garbage about the reasons for having a second undemocratic vote in parliament for certain parts of article 50's policies remaining in the EU, thus giving the EU and Merkel a key and way to dominating Europe

Vote UKIP in the hope we can stop the rot or Pensions and Benefits will be a thing of the past as the Government and Economy crumbles amid Civil War.

The new Immigration Act will go one step further, tackling illegals working and making it harder than ever for illegal migrants to stay under the radar.

However, as we all know, most of them aren't "under the radar". They brazenly jump out the back of lorries, or come in on goods trains or simply stroll through the tunnel, and all are simply welcomed to England by a handcuffed old bill and then waved on their way by the immigration authorities who spend the next 10 years processing their asylum claims.

Until the day dawns when the police are authorised to arrest them on the spot and deport them on the next boat, the government doesn't have a leg to stand on and they should stop lying to us because the people have stopped believing anything that slithers out of
Mrs May's and the minority of the impertinent conservative minion’s mouth's.

Do these remainers think it is right to question the way any of us think saying we are stupid uneducated and we had no idea of what we were voting for by saying we voted wrong therefore, “We in parliament should undemocratically vote again”.

Can't these arrogant numpties see the more migrants we have arriving here the less jobs there are for our people and young. Like you I presume they have no consideration of this as their only interest is staying in the single market. (And they say we are the stupid uneducated ones with no idea of what we are doing – need reminding we are not paid £80.000 per annum to be stupid.)

Can't they calculate why we cannot afford to keep and feed so many, the NHS near bankruptcy and unable to cope, the lack of school places, Roads unable to cope with traffic, transport in sufficient and finely last but not least not having enough free land for the number of houses needed to house even our own never mind the migrants.

So, if you want to have any say on how our country is run, after making such a strong vote to leave the corrupt EU, isn’t it time the people of Britain stood up and requested changes of the way our country is controlled.

The Conservatives are desperately trying their best to run the country with obviously no interest in what we the Brits are saying. They are inadvertently blind or just totally ignorant or have just no idea of how serious things are from not listening to us the public.

So, my fellow friends, let us show them what we think of their incongruous unawareness, of deliberately ignoring us, at the next General Elections by showing them how to get our country back in order by voting UKIP.