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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Theresa May set a fixed date to invoke Article50.

BY Christopher Michael Baksa

Under a round of increasing pressure from Vote Leave UK and her own party jumping to our tune, today Theresa May set a fixed date to invoke #Article50.

But can anyone believe what the snakish PM has to say about anything, let alone triggering Art50? Theresa May is renowned for lying and has been caught out lying repeatedly about migration when she was Home Secretary.

The argument goes: ‘I’ll set a fixed date for Art50 and hopefully the stupid Brexiteers won’t notice my plan to keep Britain in the EU by transposing Brussels law into British law. They’re so desperate for Art50, they won’t be able to see me straight.’

Of course, her devious plan has succeeded to a certain extent but only with about 35% of Leavers. The vast majority have not swallowed it and they stay loyal to complete Brexit and the campaign led by Vote Leave  UK.

Tyrant Theresa thought she’d come up with a winner, designed to split the Brexit camp and appease her Remain puppet masters at the same time. But May is not fooling the majority with this treacherous plan to keep Britain in the EU.

Why would Britain stay in the EU even after Brexit-lite? Let’s be unequivocal on this point, May is only offering Brexit-lite not the real deal. The answer is simple inasmuch retaining EU law means we remain in the EU because our laws are identical, framed in Brussels by foreigners with no interest in freedom.

At the referendum, the issue was to reject the EU completely or adopt it entirely by surrendering every last vestige of sovereignty. 52% voted to reject the EU completely, they did not vote for Brexit-lite and certainly not for transposition of EU law onto our statute book.

Deceitful May argues we can “pick and choose later which laws to repeal and those we keep.” This is nonsense because when she talks about repealing the ECA 1972, all EU law could and should be repealed at the same time.

It is infantile to claim not to know what is and is not EU-derived law. The regime knows exactly what is EU law – everything that came from Brussels after 1972 – and a “pick and choose” arrangement is not tenable.

Would another Tory regime led by a Remain fanatic want to repeal any EU law? Of course not and UKIP supporters that think their party is heading for power are just as deluded as Anna Soubry’s Open Britain mob.

There is of course another reason for transposition, not just to appease Remain but actually to keep all EU law because the last redoubt delusion of the Remainiacs is that one day – in Utopia – they will take Britain back into the EU and with the legal infrastructure still in place, their task will be easier, a seamless transposition.
Therefore, it is paramount to repeal all EU law – this is what 52% voted for – to ensure we are truly independent and to prevent the Remainiacs from ever taking us back into the EU.

In fact, we need a law that stipulates that it is treason to attempt to surrender our national sovereignty to a foreign power and that anyone arguing for such a move is subject to prosecution under The Treason Act. This would effectively bury the entire Remain movement overnight and that is our objective at VoteLeaveUK.

So are we heading for Brexit? Absolutely not, all the hard evidence proves we’re not even getting Brexit-lite but rather Brexit-bite which means a taste of Brexit and nothing more.

Mad May has said she will not send back the EU migrant surge – aka immigration invasion – and has indicated she wants to retain access to the single market and that means open borders. She claims that no more than 30,000 EU workers will be allowed to enter the country each year, which is 30,000 too many.

This is not Brexit, it is not what the 52% voted for and we are not accepting Brexit-lite and Brexit-bite quite frankly will lead to open civil war.

An Irish Eurosceptic told me recently: “The best thing about civil war is that it produces a definite answer.”

If Theresa May continues to behave like a tyrant, dictating to everyone, her own party included, then perhaps the Irish Eurosceptic solution is on the cards.

Theresa May lost the referendum, she was on the defeated side but she behaves like she won a Landslide at the EU ref and no one can question her.

At Vote Leave UK, we have now reached the end game with Theresa May and her Tory tyranny with a deep vein of treason running through its black heart, needs to be removed. Our objective is to compel an early General Election and May’s timetable for Art50 is now irrelevant.

Transposing EU law into British law means we are not leaving the EU. The only solution therefore is to force Theresa May to leave 10 Downing Street because she has no mandate from the people, no one elected her PM, she was hand-picked by Tory traitors.

Operation Beacon will be launched on 1 February at the latest, hopefully sooner to ensure we get what we voted for, we voted for complete-Brexit and we are going to get it by any means necessary.

VoteLeave UK.