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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Ian Millard - 'The Zionist Assault on freedom of Expression in England'

We slave under a ruthless Orwellian tyranny.  And the tyranny is killing us off.  Killing us off spiritually and biologically, killing us off as a culture, as a nation, as a people, as a race.  All those who oppose this tyranny and its agenda are hunted down, hounded, persecuted and destroyed.  No one is allowed to express an opinion of which the tyranny does not approve.  It doesn’t matter how wealthy you are, how influential you are or what you do for living.  If you reveal yourself as being opposed to the regime’s agenda, you reveal yourself as an enemy of the regime.  No one is safe, not even lawyers.  Sylvia Stolz was imprisoned in Germany for defending her client too zealously, yes, for her client was accused of a thought crime and such crimes are deemed the worst of crimes by our worst of rulers and our rulers are the worst of rulers. Ian Millard was a British barrister who was struck off from his profession and can no longer practise, and all for holding political views of which the regime did not approve.  There is no placating such a tyranny.  The only thing to do is to fight it.  For once they have taken away our means of earning a livelihood, once they have demonized us, ostracised us, destroyed our capacity to create and maintain families, then, we have nothing left to lose. The most dangerous creation of any society is a man with nothing left to lose.  And this society is creating an awful lot of men with nothing left to lose and that is why this society - this regime - is doomed.