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Monday, 14 May 2012

Biased BBC Question Time on Islamic Sexual Grooming of British Children

Question Time on Grooming

published at the BNP website
Share this On a recent episode of Question Time, on the 10th May, the subject of Muslim grooming gangs was to be discussed; of course, we all know that had they really wanted to properly discuss this epidemic, they would have invited a representative from the BNP on, especially as it was filmed in Oldham, the very town that gave us the final votes that got Nick Griffin elected as an MEP!

Instead we were treated to the Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman MP - who famously paid for her nanny on expenses; Chris Bryant MP - the Labour MP who posted a picture of himself on the internet in his Y-fronts; Lord Oakeshitt - a Liberal Democrat peer; Mary Beard - Professor of Classics at the University of Cambridge; and the Daily Telegraph columnist Peter Oborne.

While 'discussing' the issue of grooming (from 11:07 minutes into the programme), Peter Oborne said the victims had "accepted the advances" of their attackers and blamed modern social decline. He added "What does it tell us about what's happened to our society that we have 12 year old girls, 13 year old girls, who are happy to give up their affection and their beauty to men in exchange for a packet of crisps or a bit of credit on their mobile phone?"

Then a man from Heywood, a man of the cloth no less, sat in the front row of the hand-picked audience, said that young girls in Rochdale "go out dressed as if they are looking for that sort of issue to take place".

The abuse by this gang in Rochdale was first reported by the girls a decade ago, but nothing was done.

It was also revealed that when one abused young teen was lured away from her care home and bullied into sleeping with up to 25 men in one night, the social workers looking after her just sent her a text message asking when she was coming back.

One of the victims, Victoria Agoglia, ran away from her care home 21 times in two months, was found by the police five times, and on the same night she was picked up from the care home by a gang of men in a car she died from a heroin overdose. Heartbreakingly, she was just 15 years old.

There are suggestions another four of those girls have died since. This news just serves to highlight what is still a taboo subject within the news of the Muslim grooming gangs; Muslim Narco Jihad.

There are 65,000 children in care in the UK today - how many of them are perfectly safe? The 'homes' where many of these children end up are anything but safe; Often they are either run on a shoestring by a local authority or a private business, and they don't get the money required to properly take care of these most vulnerable children.

These homes are being run in our name, with our money, and, like the media who hush up the Muslim grooming gangs, and the police who have failed for years to take action against the same gangs, they are failing our children.

The following blog; is also important reading, as it shows the power of Love Jihad, and shows how Islam threatens us all.