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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Horwich Should vote English Democrat on Polling Day 2012

It Is polling day in Horwich tomorrow May 3rd 2012 , And we would like to recommend the following English Democrat Candidate to you in the Horwich North East Ward, Mr Anthony Backhouse. I know the candidate at a personal level and know him to be a fine upstanding champion of Democracy , and the Freedom of thought and Speech. Something the rival Candidates Parties seem intent on destroying. 
Although the English Democrats are not my own personal choice of the Nationalist Parties in excistence. the candidate for me swings my vote to him.
And when you see the old three Anti British Anti English parties and even a Green candidate ( Vegetarian Marxists). You can see that the only alternative in Horwich is Mr Backhouse. And I wish all the best tomorrow, AND RECOMMEND HIM STRONGLY TO HORWICH VOTERS