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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Britain and the Future under Islam

unionjackisours 120 x 183So what will the multicultural, multiracial Britain of the future be like – if the native people of the country don’t wake up to what’s happening to them?
There are those who think that race / ethnicity doesn’t matter in this country any more.  They think this, one supposes, because they imagine that race doesn’t matter to them and impute their own apparent feelings to others, seeing what they want to see.  But although the native British get along with other races to a remarkable degree, their deeper feelings are manifest in where and with whom they want to live.
Here is the truth of the matter:-
Whole Areas are becoming dominated by different Ethnicities
Whole towns and cities are becoming dominated by certain ethnicities.  Leicester is now a majority Asian / Moslem city (51% Asian and growing).  About 20% of the population of the Bradford area is muslim and there are significant and rapidly expanding Asian and other ethnic populations in towns and cities across the country.
Ethnic Populations are becoming so large that they are increasingly self-contained
To an increasing extent, these populations are self-contained.  The Bury Park area of Luton for example has a mosque (one of 10 or more in the town) which is a social focus as well as a religious centre.  Many businesses in the area are run by and for Asians.  Asian children attend Asian – majority state schools (Some schools are 95% Asian) and religious schools where little is taught but the Qur’an.  Asians have their own radio and TV channels, newspapers and film shows.  This pattern is repeated elsewhere.  In Manchester for example, a recent report found that schools were largely split on racial lines.  More than 8 in 10 Pakistani or Bangladeshi pupils attend school where fewer than 20 per cent of children are white.
Britain is heading for Balkanisation
This self-containing process, encouraged in the first instance by the doctrine of multiculturalism, is proceeding under its own steam and consolidating as these communities grow. David Levin, the apparently Jewish Head Master of the Prestigious City of London School said in a speech at the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference recently that Britain was becoming a ‘silo society’ as many young people never leave their own housing estate or mix with children from different racial or religious backgrounds.  Levin went on that he grew up in South Africa ‘where apartheid was imposed and people had to live in different areas.  Increasingly I am alarmed at the way London is divided into ghettos….I think London is sleepwalking towards Johannesburg, the ghettoisation of the community.’
As Ethnics arrive, Whites leave
It isn’t of course just the growth of ethnic populations in an area.  It’s also the flight of the original white population.  As their areas are transformed overnight into somewhere from the West Indies, Africa or the East, can you blame them?  One woman in Luton said of the call to prayer from the mosque, ‘I’d like to pull the plug on that caterwauling.  I go to work, and I have two small children.  It’s just not fair on non-moslem families around here.’  The local shopping area, Dunstable Road, is full of Asian food shops, Halal butchers, clothing stores specialising in Saris and so forth.  Few ordinary native Britons would want to live in such an area if they could avoid it.
Your writer acts as a voluntary driver for the local hospice on the edge of London.  Almost every passenger – usually terminally ill – will talk about how he or she moved out of a now-immigrant area in more central London which is now unrecognisable from when they were brought up in it.  Sometimes they will say how glad they are that they will soon be dead and will not see the complete destruction of the country they loved.  Only this week, a passenger mentioned how she refused to allow her grandchildren to attend a school in Forest Gate where they would be in a tiny minority of whites and is struggling to get the family moved nearer to her home.
And the natural inclination of whites to live amongst their own kind – the same impulse which creates areas like Bury Park and Forest Gate - is sometimes encouraged not just by the increasingly alien nature of their neighbourhoods but by the overt hostility of their neighbours.  In the period Nov 2007 - Feb 2008 there were 18 attacks on 5 non-Muslim properties in the Bury Park area.
Trevor Phillips agrees.
At a conference in 2006 organised by the Commission for Racial Equality, its Chairman, Trevor Phillips, spoke of a crisis as white minorities bolt from ethnic areas, and warned of the emergence of separate and isolated communities.
It’s not just working class Whites who want to flee ethnic Areas
Those self-congratulatory middle-class liberals who imagine that it is only untermensch working class whites who don’t want to live in areas dominated by other ethnicities should reflect on the attitude of the writer George Steiner, an Extraordinary Fellow of Cambridge University.  Steiner, a Jew born in Paris, was reported in the Daily Telegraph of 1st September 2008 as saying that he would not be able to tolerate living next door to Jamaican neighbours ‘playing reggae all day.’  Steiner said he believed racism was inherent in everyone and that racial tolerance was merely skin deep.
English People are happiest in mostly white and English Areas.  So why wouldn’t whites in the unhappiest places want to move there if they could?
A study by the property website Rightmove ( revealed that the happiest places in Britain are the also the whitest.
Top 10 happiest places:
1. Carlisle
2. York
3. Huddersfield
4. Harrogate
5. Chester
6. Llandudno
7. Norwich
8. Derby
9. Dorchester
10. Exeter
The unhappiest places are the blackest and brownest
Top 10 unhappiest places:
1. East London
2. Ilford
3. South east London
4. Luton
5. Romford
6. Oldham
7. Enfield
8. North London
9. West London
10. Harrow
What do the Trends foretell?
We have seen the trends.  So what do they foretell about our country?  It seems very clear that Britain is being carved up along ethnic lines.  There also seems to be no good reason why this process should not continue. Furthermore it is likely to gather momentum as the numbers of moslems and other ethnicities rapidly grow.  According to Jim Dowson, their projected numbers at the current rate of increase are:-
·    2013 - 3 million Muslims in the UK.
·    2018 - 4 million Muslims in the UK.
·    2021 - 5 million Muslims in the UK.
·    2024 - 6 million Muslims in the UK.
·    2026 - 7 million Muslims in the UK.
·    2029 - 8 million Muslims in the UK.
·    2031 - 9 million Muslims in the UK.
·    2032 - 10 million Muslims in the UK
·    2039 - The Muslim population will be increasing by 1 million per annum at this point.
Will the present rate of increase slacken off in the next twenty years?  Perhaps, but if it does it will be slowly.  The drives are still there; arranged marriages with relatives back home in the sub-continent and a continuing high birthrate.  It is very probable therefore that the above projection up to the key period around 2035 which will see a moslem population of around 11millions,  or some 15.4% of a population estimated at 71.5 millions, is likely to be more or less correct.
By the 2035 point, even if the rate of increase has slowed down somewhat, the average age of the moslem population will be much less than that of the native population and their breeding potential will be that much greater.  After this date, the replacement of the native population by the immigrant-descended will proceed apace. Although any projected figures are likely to be a good deal less reliable it is probable that our grandchildren will find themselves a diminishing  racial and religious minority in their own country.
So we have three dynamics:-
Against a background of a diminishing white population
1)  The increasing division of the country into areas dominated by one or other of the ethnicities.
2)  The huge expansion of the immigrant-descended population.
3)  The increasing self-contained character of ethnic areas.
The Native British squeezed into ever smaller Enclaves
The net result would seem to be a scenario where large numbers of the native British effectively abandon swathes of their homeland and find themselves progressively squeezed into ever smaller areas.  The areas largely abandoned will include their capital, London (already 30% non-white, vastly more in inner areas), and other major cities and their environs.  The whole of the West Midlands may become Asian, moslem territory to the extent that a white travelling through it will feel that he or she is in a foreign country right down to there being different languages spoken throughout.  Whites may find themselves living mostly in smaller towns and villages while places such as the South West, North Wales and East Anglia may become known as white areas.
The Political Arrangements
What will the political arrangements of this divided country be?  Only a fool would imagine that they will be unaltered from what they are now.  For example, will a majority moslem population want to put up with a white Monarch with all the trappings of Christianity that go with the Monarchy?  Hardly.  Will they want to run things to suit themselves when they have the power?  In the areas where at first they dominate and then the country, certainly, regardless of the state of play of the EU.  Will the native population object to this?  Probably.
All this being the case, various scenarios, all of them meaning the complete obliteration of the country as we have known it present themselves.  The first is that the country will eventually divide itself into self-governing ethnic areas like the Balkans.  Another is that it will continue to group together in some kind of federation of self-governing ethnic areas, like Switzerland.  A worst case scenario is that it will be another Lebanon or Northern Ireland – united but with a fragile sharing of power; one ethnic group forever trying to assert itself against the others, sometimes bloodily.
Islam will assert itself more and more
Whatever the future holds, it will not be the homogenised, peaceable Britain  imagined by the leftist social engineers or their fellow –travellers, the libertarian right.  As the moslem population grows in numbers so it will grow in assertiveness.
Already, Muslim attitudes and lifestyles are inflicting themselves on the way the British do things - Halal meat in the shops and restaurants, being just one example.
But there are many others.  In Dewsbury, Imams petitioned Mid Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust to request nurses to turn the beds of sick muslims to face Mecca five times a day.  In Reading, a Muslim shop assistant refused to touch a book of childrens’ Bible stories because it was ‘unclean’.  In hospitals, female Muslim surgeons have refused to follow hygiene guidelines which require the scrubbing up of bare arms.  In Oxford, the imam of the new central mosque requested amplified calls to prayer, prompting clergy to predict white flight from a city of many minarets.  When and where islam is in control, all of these measures and many more like them will be taken for granted.
Let us never forget that there is nothing Politically Correct about Islam or moslems.  Political Correctness is a perverted development through Marxism of Christianity and Protestantism in particular.
Islam does not have the strains of doctrine that have led to PC.  And while most moslems may want only a quiet, islamic life, it is the radicals who set the agenda.  One has only to reflect on developments in Britain with the onset of political correctness to realise that.
The outlook for the native population of Britain is grim indeed.  Is it time to think about emigrating?

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