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Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Queen's New and Tiny Model Army

Toy Soldiers 120 x 90Well I do not know what the weather is like where you are, but here in South Wales the sun is shining and it looks like it's going to be a scorcher.  Considering I have spent a large part of my life overseas you would think I love the sun, but no.  For some reason I like rain and stormy nights, especially if at sea, but at least the warm weather will make the nights more bearable for our former soldiers who have been forced to live on the streets of our cities by an uncaring government and nation.
But eventually winter will return, but meanwhile, squirrels are off doing what squirrels do, which is squirreling away their nuts (lol), and old age pensioners taking advantage of the warm weather will be squirreling away their pre-payment electricity and gas tokens in the hope they will have enough hoarded away to survive the next winter, instead of dying, which is what the government would prefer, now that they are no longer efficient producers and consumers.
And wasn't the weather beautiful for the Big Parade of thousands of the mercenary troops of the New World Order in front of our traitor puppet Queen who smiled and waved at what remains of the British Army, now known simply as "The Army" - British being dropped quite some time back - marched past the richest woman and biggest landowner in the world.
Well you know my opinion of the Queen and the kind of Land Reform I would like to see and if perhaps if the British People knew the truth about this trout faced old cow and how she has betrayed them, they might also actually be calling for her abdication if not her head on a pike, instead of lining the roads to wave their government issued plastic flags as she rides by in her coach of gold waving to them, whilst her old goat Phillip (who for some reason I do like), oggles all the cuties in the crowd.
Now as nationalists - according to research the most informed political people in the country - you know the truth about the treason of the Queen and how she has remained silent about the enslavement of her "subjects" to Zionism and the planned genocide of the white race but regrettably our fellow "subjects" do not.
According to a recent survey (if you believe them) over 80% of the people questioned, support our corrupt and evil monarchy.  I despair, I truly do.
Earlier this month, the traitor Queen presented new Colours to one of our nation's oldest regiments and very pretty the whole affair looked, but behind the scenes our equally treasonous government was making plans to abolish one of the most operationally experienced units in our armed forces, the 1st Queen's Dragoon Guards(QDG) also known as "The Welsh Cavalry".
For the traitors who stamp on our faces daily, the 324 years of that regiments proud history means nothing and so the QDG will go the same way as when the 303 year old history of the Royal Welch Fusiliers was thrown in the bin and their colours taken off to to be hung from some chapel wall.
Our filthy government, led by the descendant of Moses, cares only about money.
They are going to slash our army down to just 82,000 men and replace them in the frontline of their illegal wars, with soldiers from an expanded Territorial Army - in the same way they replaced real police officers with the plastic and community police officers, in order to save money for them to donate to other countries or steal in illegal expenses.
No person of a sane mind should be encouraging young men in their families to join either the NWO mercenary Army or its cheaper replacement, the Territorials, unless of course they think their son would look nice in a body bag or wheelchair.