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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

WHY NOT ISLAM by Dr Alan C Clifford

WHY NOT ISLAM - Dr Alan C Clifford

Too many churchmen as well as politicians are gripped by cowardice in
the face the Muslim menace. One fears that the oft-stated ‘clash of
civilisations’ will inevitably erupt with violence on British streets when
expected demographic predictions reach a critical point. Irrespective of
the naive incompetence of ‘PC’ government policies, it is the amazing
and long-suffering tolerance of British people that keeps a lid on such
terrible possibilities. But for how much longer?

As a Christian pastor, I pursue a mission which seeks the conversion of
Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Religiously and politically, I desire
compassion for all and malice towards none. Whether people follow the
dictates of a false religion like Islam or they prefer the decadent life-style
of much modern British secularism, all need the life-transforming
message of our Lord Jesus Christ. That said, our long-overdue recovery
of authentic Christianity must be matched by an informed rejection of
Islam. My case is as follows:

It is undeniable that Islam’s global jihadists - some quietly, others violently - are
plotting the overthrow of all we have known for centuries. They are preparing for
‘USAistan’, ‘EUropeistan’ and ‘UKistan’ in no uncertain terms! Tragically, our
secularist Governments - which Islam aims to subjugate and replace in any case - are
playing dangerous games by ignorantly distinguishing between militant and moderate
Islam. The only difference between moderates and militants is between those who
keep their mouths shut and those who don’t! Western Governments and other
secularists are deluded by the deceptive mantra ‘Islam means peace’ (reinforced by
the early, pre-abbrogated Sura 2: 256 and the frequently misquoted Sura 5: 32). But it
means nothing of the kind! The Arabic word for ‘peace’ is ‘salaam’, the Hebrew
equivalent being ‘shalom’. No, ‘Islam’ means ‘submission’, submission to Allah. The
only sense in which the Pax Islama could mean ‘peace’ is when tribute-paying non-
Muslims are silenced by conquest and reduced to a state of dhimminitude or ‘second
class’ citizenship. To properly use Sir Iqbal Sacranie’s deceptive expression (used to
shield Islam from its critics after 7/7) ‘the Qur’an is perfectly clear’, it states: ‘Make
war on them: ... Fight those who believe not in Allah ... Nor acknowledge the religion
of Truth, (even if they are of the People of the Book, i.e. Jews and Christians), until
they pay the jizyah with submission, and are utterly subdued’ (Sura 9: 14, 29).

Yes, you have read it correctly. Muslims are not really Muslims. They are properly
called ‘Muhammadans’ - followers of their prophet Muhammad. The god they claim
to submit to (the true meaning of ‘Islam’) is in reality the ancient pagan moon god of
Arabia. For all their protestations against ‘idolatry’, their crescent moon symbol of
Allah may be seen on every mosque. This imagined god is not to be confused with the
living God who has uniquely revealed Himself in Jesus Christ. Since Muslims reject
the true God, only acknowledged by true Christians, Christians alone are truly
‘islamic’ since they alone submit to God! Invoking an absurd piece of Islamic
rhetoric, the Lord Jesus Christ was only a ‘muslim’ in the sense that He, as the Son of
God, submitted Himself to the will of His heavenly Father. While Jesus may be
regarded as a ‘muslim’ in this sense, Muslims are arguably not Muslims because they
fail to submit to the living God! Their hostility to God in Christ makes them strictly

So, Muslims need rescuing from Islam! At the same time, the West needs rescuing
from Islam! To implement this twin rescue mission, two directives must be pursued:

1. Reliable information must be made available to community, educational, church
and political leaders about authentic Islam. The loveless concept of Allah; the
incoherence of the Qur’an; Islam’s appeal to the baser instincts of human nature; the
degradation of women involving female circumcision and forced marriages; honour
killings; the killing of apostates, its bloody jihadism and a fallaciously-promised
erotic paradise for suicide bombers (murderers not martyrs); all these features must
not be hidden. In responding to the growing threat, Western Governments are failing
to face reality. The distinction between moderate and militant Islam misses the point
that the religion itself is the source of the problem. Indeed, no other religion on earth
can claim to match the violence of the Islamic agenda. Seemingly-benign Muslim
communities will always be breeding grounds from which their more militant
members can recruit jihadists.

2. With sensitive yet courageous compassion, Christians must use all proper means to
evangelise Muslims. In the process, there must be no concessions to liberal as well as
Muslim denials of the deity and grace of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and only
Saviour of the world. In short, the case for the pure, life-transforming faith of biblical
Christianity must be courageously made. On the religious education level, the RE
component of National Curricula must ‘put the record straight’. Teachers must stop
pretending that Jesus and Muhammad are on a par and that the Holy Bible and the
Holy Qur’an teach similarly-positive values. Without denying that too often
Christians have failed to demonstrate the compassionate virtues of its Founder, the
true character of Muhammad’s programme and its devastating dictates must not be
hidden from our children. Yes, the Christian Gospel forbids and condemns hatred and
violence. The same cannot be said of the message of Muhammad. The children of
Western schools must learn the difference between the mercy of the Sermon on the
Mount and the hatred of the Hadith. The children of Muslim citizens must also be
exposed to the purity of Christ and not the poison of Muhammad.

With a continuing and growing assault on our Christian heritage, never was there a
greater need to get to grips with the truth of the Bible text: “No man ever spoke like
this man” (John 7: 46). This was the response of amazed men who heard Christ. What
truths explain their astonishment?

And why? He was no ordinary man. He was perfect and sinless. He is the ‘God-man’
(Matthew 1: 23); ‘God manifest in the flesh’ (1 Timothy 3: 16); the Eternal ‘Word
made flesh’ (John 1: 14).

Thus, He spoke words of truth, purity, love, kindness and compassion. He spoke with
divine unction, grace and authority. No one else, before or since, ever spoke like Him.
He is Creator, King, and Lord of the Universe.

On the other hand, Muhammad was an ordinary man. He was imperfect and sinful.
He spoke words of error, impurity, hate and cruelty.

His life backed up His words. In lip and life, He was perfectly consistent. He brought
blessing, healing, comfort and joy to people. His many miracles confirmed His deity.
His tender touch declared the compassion of God. He liberated women from the
abusive treatment of selfish men. He rejected violence as a method of spreading His
message. No life has ever been lived to match the life of Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, Muhammad's life contradicted many of his more noble sayings.
His life is not a good example for ‘private character’. His claims cannot compare
with Christ’s. Spreading his message by the sword, he brought violence and
bloodshed to those who refused to submit to his ‘Allah’. He humiliated women. His
tenderness was reserved chiefly for his own sexual indulgence and his stomach
(according to wife - one of fourteen - A’isha).

While His life and preaching angered the religious establishment of His day, nothing
could justify the hatred directed at Him. He was guilty of no sin. Expressing God’s
mercy to us hell-deserving sinners, Jesus, Saviour of the world, died for our sins.
He died, ‘the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God’ (1 Peter 3: 18). In His
agonizing crucifixion, He breathed nothing but love and kindness to His enemies.
Such dying! Such love!

On the other hand, Muhammad died, burdened by his own guilt. Sadly and tragically,
his death did not terminate his cruel conquests. Others perpetuated his vicious legacy.

His impact on history is not just the effect of a perpetuation of His memory. Jesus
rose from the dead! He lives! The Gospel is the greatest blessing the world has ever
known! It has brought forgiveness, love, joy and peace. Christ has mended broken
hearts and lives. He has given hope to those in despair. Through Him, the light of
heaven has dispelled the darkness of death.

He has liberated individuals and nations. The Gospel has delivered people from
ignorance, slavery, poverty and degradation. All that is truly good, noble, pure and
beautiful comes from Him (even if apostate believers - crusading Roman Catholics
and deity-denying Protestant Liberals - have corrupted His truth). Christ’s
resurrection influence continues still where He is accepted, trusted and served.

On the other hand, Muhammad died, to rise no more, except to be judged by Christ
when He returns. His tomb is not empty. His legacy is ignorance, cruelty, fear and
oppression. The continued influence of his teachings is a threat to all that Christ

In conclusion, the case for Christ and against Muhammad is compelling in every
respect. Assessed by every test that may be devised, there is simply no competition.
So let us all respond as did the men in our text! May we all acknowledge, believe,
trust, love and surrender to the incomparable Christ. May we all rejoice in Him, and
seek to make Him known throughout the world.

I am well aware that many in the secular West desire Christ no more than they desire
Muhammad. Therefore, I must warn them. Even if they never suffer from some
jihadic atrocity, they will stand before the judgement seat of Christ, when He returns
to judge the world in righteousness (see 2 Corinthians 5: 10).

While opportunity remains, come to Christ! If you are a Muslim, renounce
Muhammad, and come to Christ! Then, everything I have tried to express will become
wonderfully and experientially true. I invite you all to trust and serve Him with me.

Dr Alan C. Clifford
Norwich Reformed Church