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Friday, 18 May 2012

Culturally Enriched Into The Grave

Enriched Into The Grave

victor parsons smallThis is the face of 67 year old Victor Parsons.
He was savagely beaten with a lump of wood, punched, kicked, and left to die in London's Alexandra Park on the 5th of January last year.  He died of his injuries seven weeks later.
Also killed by the same attacker was Keith Needell, 84, beaten to death.  This attack took place at Queen's Wood, and Mr Needell was discovered with a fractured skull and severe facial fractures.  He died from his injuries six months later.
Another five men - although police believe there may be more victims who have yet to come forward - survived savage attacks by the same individual.
There was no motive of robbery, it was "violence for violence sake, committed by the same man, in the same geographical area" to use the words of the prosecution.
Now facing life imprisonment after being convicted of both murders, and five other attacks in which the victims survived, is one Ali Koc.
"There can be no doubt that Koc is a highly dangerous and predatory individual who derived some warped sense of gratification from carrying out these abhorrent attacks" said Detective Chief Inspector Tim Duffield.
Koc, aged 30, is of Turkish origin, and came to the UK with his family when he was in his early teens.
Before these attacks he was well known to police.  He'd been jailed for possessing a knife in 2008, and for burglary in 2007.  His long criminal record also includes theft, possession of cannabis, ABH, assault.
Yet...he was still in the country after this huge catalogue of offences to go on and commit murder in 2011.
It gets worse.  Koc survived off of benefits, and was known for being aggressive to Job Centre staff.
Not only did we import a violent Turkish psychopath who rewarded Britain by committing an array of crimes which finally culminated in the brutal murder of two defenceless pensioners, we were paying for him to be here.
From funding this wretched creatures existence via the benefits system, we'll now go on to fund another large amount of years in a five star prison - or, perhaps most likely, an even more costly and luxurious secure psychiatric unit.
Either way, Koc will get his 3 hot meals a day, a warm bed, TV, and ne'er a worry about doing a days work or having to make ends meet.  He'll probably get a council flat and a giro on his doorstep every week if/when he's released.
Meanwhile, two pensioners have been enriched into the grave.  Just another episode among many in the new, multicultural hellhole called Britain - it's enough to make anyone break down and cry.

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