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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Equality & Diversity. Enoch Powell’s ‘whip hand’ prophecy made reality

Embrace Diversity Button 120 x 118Equality & Diversity; Enoch Powell’s ‘whip hand’ prophecy made reality

A Nationalist Teachers Perspective.

It has been clear for some time that the horrors of multiculturalism are being injected like a narcotic into every aspect of our British society. A debilitating drug that is very much as dangerous as heroin, but state induced.
The majority of this article is set around a compulsory training session arranged by a college in the West of England.
Rather than having the governments desired effect, most staff regarded it as a warning as to just how much danger Britain is in from this frankly criminal piece of legislation.
Imagine if you will; A lecture theatre with around 150 plus white middle class lecturers being read the riot act by a Mr Mohammed Patel, a small bespectacled Muslim man complete with uniform beard, verifying the fact that E&D can only be administered by someone of an ethnic background. This is Enoch Powells ‘whip hand over the white man’ in action. It’s here already. Ethnic minorities now have dominion over us.
Mr Mohammed Patel is the head of equality and diversity at Petroc College Devon and from there spreads his vile racism. He was quick to refer to the Public Sector Equality Duty – PSED Race Relations act amendment 2001, that instructs teachers that they have a Promotional duty to enforce E&D, in his own words; “as you have been getting away with murder”!

And of course while this man was talking about murder the subject of Steven Lawrence raised its well worn head and was talked about at length, but with no mention of the vile racist attacks that are committed on the Indigenous white British community which occur on an almost daily basis. No margin given to the fact that racism in this country cuts both ways and it is actually more prevalent against white people than the ethnic minorities. He believes that it never happens the other way round. The truth is most of us are too scared to even look at the enrichers these days.

Mr Patel never said it, but his intention was clear to us. It is you white people in your comfy little Cotswold towns that are racists. Racist, because white majorities haven’t actively gone out and dragged ethnic minorities into Gloucestershire, to make it less ‘hideously white’ to quote one Labour MP.

He then talked enthusiastically about the coming power shift and cited Leicester as a GOOD example of how ‘we’ would like to see the United Kingdom in the very near future. Do we want that?

At the opening of the Christmas market in Morton in Marsh there was a stand for the local scouting group. A banner advertising scouting had three Muslim girls complete with hijab head scarves showed how the scouting organisation of Great Britain now sees itself. Morton in Marsh is a quaint little Cotswold market town with a 99.9% white majority. It’s not down town Mumbai, its not Leicester, Birmingham or even Coventry, but this is the way that these organisations are being forced to present themselves even if it is not representative of the population it is appealing to.

Leicester has fallen, 51/52% of people there are not of Indigenous British origin, more if you include other European countries. London is falling, Birmingham is falling and other towns and cities are not far behind.

It wasn’t long before the E&D man couldn’t resist having a knock at Enoch Powell. He referred to Powell’s inspired piece of oratory as Enoch Powell’s “infamous’ speech”, He said; “Powell was generalising, so take it with a pinch of salt”.

Enoch Powell’s speech was a warning that has come true a hundred fold in the light of the race riots last August. If it was a generalisation, it is now a statement of fact!

Mr Patel made a series of statements in his lecture to support Equality and Diversity in the classroom to which all teachers must adhere to, and they are important and need to be analysed individually:

1) Advised us to ‘enjoy’ rather than ‘celebrate’ diversity.

No one would doubt that a certain amount of taking in of other cultures is in fact a healthy thing to engage in. After all the British Empire was built on the study and enjoyment of the cultures of the countries lucky enough to be part of the worlds largest and most prestigious Empire in human history (the liberal elite are hopelessly embarrassed by the Empire and wish to make amends by destroying all vestiges of pride in it).
But like all healthy enjoyment it should be at the behest of the individual to make up their mind as to who, what, when and where the individual studies or enjoys other cultures. It is not and should not be a mandatory requirement to show that you have purposefully entered into the study and absorbed other cultures as a matter of law. If there is one culture in this country that it should be law to study then it should be British culture.
We are at a crossroads where we have put the study of Indian, Chinese and Muslim cultures before our own. And when British history is taught it is always taught from the angle that the British culture could not have done it or even survived without the support of a tiny number of none British people.
For example; at the RAF museum at Cosford there are now information boards promoting the achievements of non British indigenous people involved in the Second World War, but the way this is displayed gives an incorrect impression that ethnic minorities had a more important role than the native British majority.
Their treacherous aim is to teach our children that we were not the great nation that we once undoubtedly were, and are, and will be again. Their aim is to blatantly tell lies and to rewrite history in the same abominable way Hollywood does.
2) Mr Patel said; Catalyst was Race driven and plays the pivotal role.
The question has to be asked why? Why race driven? Surely equality and diversity is about inclusion, which is about everyone, all people. Disabled people, old people, young people, poor people, rich people all pulling on an equal rope.

But it’s not equality and inclusion, its equality and DIVERSITY!

The diversity of race, and sexual orientation which is the agenda of its champions who are largely the criminals in Westminster. It is easy to accuse patriots of being racists, when it is the leftist liberals who are forcing us down a blind alley that are the real racists.
Racists who claim quite legally that there is ‘no such thing as an indigenous British people’ when they know that there has been an indigenous people here for thousands of years.

3) The white British are failing ethnic groups.

The only time the British nation failed ethnic groups is when we embarked on two World Wars that did not need to be fought, thus bankrupting the nation and forcing us to withdraw from our colonies. That is our failing.

The fact that we were neither asked or indeed wanted mass immigration does not mean that even if they are here now do we owe them any special consideration. Assimilate! Come and join in with our game or go away! That’s real equality.

4) Equality & Diversity is as important as health and safety

This is such an unintelligent remark to make to anyone let alone academics especially when it is said by an alleged academic. Making sure Abdul feels like he’s got as much or more chance as James is not as important as making sure Abdul and James don’t get their heads cut off in some industrial accident!

Leave it to the bleeding heart liberals and it won’t be an industrial accident that cuts James' head off!

5) The Koran does not preach killing, (except where it preaches killing!)

Interesting that Mr Patel had to single out his religion as not being intolerant, when he had equal opportunity to talk about Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Christianity. Christianity has had its moments in the past; however this is not the past. Its today! Christianity has moved on, developed, become liberal; too liberal. Islam remains the same. The same incarnation of 1300 years ago, with the same aims and objectives: ‘Kill the infidel’.

6) Educate by guilt trips.

Children are now being monitored for anything that could be construed as a racist remark;-it has to be recorded and so a profile is built up on this child which is branded a ‘risk’ to the multicultural state project. But of course it doesn’t stop there as it must be factored in that this so called dangerous thinking must be coming from somewhere, so the parents and family are also put under suspicion.
This is Stasi state oppression. Challenging the utterance of so called ‘inappropriate language’ is one thing, but this monitoring of private conversations at home so the dossiers of suspected unbelievers grow and grow until enough evidence for ‘gagging’ is collected.

All parents should now as a matter of course question their children as to what they have been doing at school and what their teachers have been asking them. Those who are familiar with the work of Brian Gerrish will be aware of the worrying trends in education and the potentially lethal use of NLP in schools, so that they as parents can act to undo some of the brain washing that is going on.

7) Peoples behaviour is down to good teaching of parents!

This statement claims that the current parental generation were incorrectly educated, that we need re-educating; corrective education. Like the corrective institutions set up by the Communists to re-educate wrong thinkers that did not appreciate what the party was doing for them.

8) Minorities first – majority second.

This was reminiscent of the pol pot regime and the ‘tall poppy syndrome; One poppy is standing taller than the rest, so you ‘snip’ it down so all are the same.
We must all suffer for the welfare of the ethnic minorities that are flooding our shores, because the liberal elite insist that we are responsible for their plight and that our old people must freeze this winter so that they can be warm. It is the liberal elite that are responsible for it, for they have created this problem. The ‘so called’ wars of regime change and introduction of ‘their’ kind of capitalist democracy have been responsible for killing more civilians in the name of ‘saving civilians from being killed by they own government’. Thus a conflict that has had nothing to do with us, has been made ten times worse, by the elite and made the inevitable migration of refugees from the conflict even greater.
9) We are not being flooded by immigrants.
Anyone can see with their own eyes if they wish to see that our towns and cities have changed beyond recognition. Standing in the centre of Banbury you will struggle to hear English being spoken, and this is the same in every major conurbation. It is clear that teachers are required to swallow all that they are fed. A lie is a lie.
10) Political correctness fault of, and driven by media; all negativity of PC stories are fabrications, everything is alright’
The fact of the matter is this:It’s actually much worse that the ridiculous stories peddled by the leftist state controlled media. The stories that are let through are often doctored complete fabrications to give an idea that the government is aware of the situation and engaged in combating it, or on the other hand take any credence from patriotic organisations. I refer to Jack Straws unbelievable admission to the fact that Muslim paedophile gangs are operating almost freely in the UK. And Cameron’s recent statement that immigration is bad for this country. We know! We’ve been saying this for years, but if a patriot publicly states this then the government will try to imprison him for it.
The Straw’s and the Cameron’s didn’t mean it, they never mean it and will never, ever do anything about it, but to be seen and heard to speak out against it means the man on the street will think it’s being tackled and nationalism's message is now defunct and pointless. Make no mistake, the Lliblabcon don’t care about the British people. The globalists of the Liblabcon think that Britain is a puddle they can just step out of. That the British people are cheap, they are a commodity to be exploited, in just the same way they think the economic migrants are. However they have underestimated the long term goals of the growing Islamic population. Jim Dowson’s iron law of repopulation sits uncomfortably with us all.
11) E&D should be a moral exultation rather than legal obligation.
Teachers are expected to feel guilty again. What about the moral obligation to your own people, our people who have never, ever been asked whether we wanted mass immigration and our neighbourhoods, cities, towns and soon our villages and countryside changed beyond all recognition into third world shanty towns.
12) Mr Patel has been given a large budget to promote gypsies alone.

Mohammed Patel gives no quarter to the financial preservation of green belt that is now under attack from gypsy colonisation groups that use legal aid financed by our taxes to cut around and find loop holes, or even cheat the system to build ugly and unhygienic shanty towns in the Cotswold's and other areas of protected natural beauty. But no local authority dares take them on because the law, government and liberal apologists are on the side of the criminal Gypsies gangs that rip off and intimidate decent and law abiding citizens. Criminal, you know it, the states, knows it and of course they know it. But there is nothing the people can do about it. New Labour brought in around ten E&D laws in their death throws in 2010, purely aimed at gagging the majority.
13) Ethnic groups should not go to you, YOU should go to them.
If they wanted to join our society then join it they must. Our society and land do not need enriching by them and especially their cultures. They need, and should be enriched by us and our society. Any person whether ethnic minority, immigrant, of European decent, French, German etc, white or even indigenous British who does not like the way this country is or looks, or conducts itself can leave.
These are the sort of policies that are being imposed in our educational institutions, but it gets worse.

Limiting grade if schools and colleges do not satisfy E&D for OFSTED.
There is the case of an art teacher being given feed back after an OFSTED class inspection. A life drawing class was judged to be outstanding, but would only be given a grade three (‘one’ being best and ‘four’ being fail) because the observer regarded the attention to E&D as ‘purely tokenistic’. The teacher replied that it was purely tokenistic, as how on earth does one get Equality and diversity into drawing a piece of fruit!
The truth of this maybe that this inspector doesn’t believe in E&D anymore than any decent man on the street, however the fact is that this inspector along with every other decent teacher in this land knows that if they put a foot wrong with this, then there will be a ‘tremor in the web’, their careers could well be on the line and they are scared.
Scared, to be marked with Trevor Phillips red hot racist branding iron and be cast into the pit with rest of the decent British work force.
Scared, to stand and stand apart and say; ‘I do not agree with this’! They cannot speak out against a state that is built on the fear of being cast out of society as an evil patriot. Patriots are all too aware of these chains that bind them more and more, but the job they have to do is relay this to other people who are ignorant or choose to ignore the dangers. The treatment of Emma West, the ‘Tram Lady’ (no matter what you think of her as a person) by the police state and the state controlled media is just one of the recent examples of the results of speaking up for yourself. She was thrown into prison for expressing her views while at the same time a group of violent Muslim racists who nearly kicked a white girl to death while shouting ‘kill the white slag’ walked free.
Equality and diversity and the ‘so called’ human rights act will in time rob the British people not only of their right to the freedom of expression, but the entirety of their identity.

It goes without saying that to be a nationalist in working education at this point in history is becoming intolerable. How much longer a patriotic and Christian set of ethic’s and morals will allow real teachers to continue working with whining liberals who want to brainwash children with Marxist ideals containing national, patriotic, religious and family hatred. Each day becomes more and more complex for our teachers with more and more propaganda and policies to implement with ideals that they just do not believe in and find morally repugnant

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