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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The BBC White Girl and the Truth

White Girl and the Truth

Imagine if I were to hire a black model or actor, selecting an overweight, middle aged man chosen specifically as an unattractive example of his ethnic group. Imagine I then place this flabby black chap in front of a camera, whereupon a number of white hands were to appear on screen and begin to write words from the bible perhaps, or maybe more aptly Mein Kampf,  in white paint across his face until his blackness was hidden completely by the white paint.

Were I then to show the resulting film on TV, I would, of course be condemned as a racist, and my film reviled as being hateful.

However, when the BBC reverse the colours, as they did in their so called “White Season” in 2008 few if any dared to point out how hateful their actions were, albeit one shudders still to imagine how ferocious the hatreds were which combined to develop such a visual concept.

Another glob of hatred which dribbled out of the white Season was a play by Abi Morgan (Famous for plays such as Sex Traffic, the screen play of Brick Lane and Shame) entitled White Girl, a story following a young white girl called Holly, who after her family escape an abusive relationship (with a white man – what a surprise!!!!!!) and move to a heavily colonised area of Bradford, dons a hijab joins a mosque and discovers “refuge, calm and safety” in Islam.

Of course as we all now know Holly’s experience as portrayed in White Girl bears scant similarity to what is experienced by most young white girls from their first encounter with Islam.

Either that, or the BBC, who just recently in the series “Prisoner's Wives” brought us a human trafficker in the guise of a white guy from Essex called Steve, must have decided to cut the scene where Holly was plied with alcohol and passed around by 20 ugly old men.

Also strangely missing from White Girl was the scene where Holly was beaten up and called a slapper for refusing to service the guy from the crescent Moon Taxi rank.

Of course, like so much more of the propaganda spewed out by our national broadcasters this was the entire reverse of the truth.  As is becoming clear with each trial far from “refuge, calm and safety” what most young white girls find when caught by Islam is violence, danger and degradation. 

Setting the make believe of  plays like White Girl against the reality of Rochdale, Oxford or (coming to a town near you) reveals what fanciful exercise in liberal wish fulfilment that nasty little drama together with the whole hate fuelled White season, and most of what passes for TV drama in this country, truly are.