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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Gay Nazis strike again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Homosexual campaigners are once again targeting Christians in there campaign to promote their perversion,  two stories in the daily mail this week prove this. the 1st
Homosexual persecution 1 
Homosexual persecution 2  
the 2nd case is real case of real wickedness in which a lesbian deliberately tried to entrap a Christian co worker by posting entrapping comments on his face book page and then reporting it to his employers, in what can only be concluded as a deliberate attempt to cause mischief!   one can only ask the question , How come they never target moslem B&B or premises, is likely a good kicking or worse would ensue? 
just shows how peaceful Christians are an easy target for the exhibitionist homosexual. 
And as there poster we are forced to look at says, Some people are gay,get over it, then I would say to them a great many more people are Christian and are sick of you! Get over that!