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Monday, 1 October 2012

NWO vs Russia Today

Russia Today


Putingun 140 x 126I have put this article off for too long and The Dark Passenger within me will not let me rest until I write it, so here goes.  The links to the information I require to write it are cluttering my browser, I have fired up my 60's play list set to random(kicked off with The Fields of Athenry), the Corsham Crusader has the bridge and so I have no excuses to put it off any longer.
I will try to keep the article short but hopefully still provide you with enough information to go and do your own research.

Recently, I wrote that the Zionist controlled media around the world have been vitriolic in their attacks on Russia but research as revealed that the Zionist World is not just smearing Russia with words but also acting behind the scenes to destabilise Russia.
Before I give those of you who do not know the reasons for these attacks on Russia, first let me give you a couple of examples of what I mean about the Zionist Media attacks.

In February of this year, the rag Daily Mail ridiculed the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin because he pledged to give cash incentives to mothers who have a third child to help encourage more white births.  For the record Russia has a population of just 142 million living in the largest geographical country in the world.
Now those of you in middle age or older will remember how in the 60's, the British People were sold the lie that the world was overpopulated and that it was selfish to have more than one child.  True British families were discouraged from having children by forcing the mothers of future young Brits out to work just to keep a roof over their heads, marriage discouraged, tax relief for married men removed.  Obstacle after obstacle was put in the way of working families having children, so that in the end only the more affluent or very poor could have more than one child.

This "culling" of the British People was no accident, it was all part of the plan for the extermination of the white race in the United Kingdom.  The Zionist filth of the New World Order then used the "excuse" of a declining and ageing population to flood Our Country with the dross of the world, supposedly to care and pay taxes to support our elderly some time down the road.  Lies, all lies.  Just all part of the plan to remove the greatest threat to the globalists plans to control the world - the white race and especially the British whose courage and intelligence helped shape the free world that the scum Zionists would now destroy.

And so in the rag Mail, you read that comments like these have been posted on Russian forums and other social networking sites in Russia:

One woman, Inna, said: 'So, now we have to make love non-stop? In the USSR they said there was no sex in the country. In the Russian Federation it’s have sex then take the money.'

Another wrote sarcastically: 'Putin is like a God. He will restore the birthrate and save Russia. Oh Prometheus!'

A third added: 'If a woman doesn’t want to give birth, nothing will change it, no matter where he puts his money.'
Of course the last thing that the Zionists want is more white people in the world and so they are saying that the only solution to Russia's declining population is to flood it with immigrants in the same way that they have flooded Western Europe, to the point, where nearly all major cities in the United Kingdom and on mainland Europe are now the breeding grounds of the unwanted, unloved and uninvited invaders and colonisers who are slowly but surely displacing the white population whose land this really is.
But who is leading the campaign to destabilise Russia, none other than the bitch from hell.  The American President in waiting, Hilary Clinton, who has stated publicly that the United States State Department is "tweeting" in the Russian language to the an audience in Russian encouraging anti-Russian government marches, thereby playing a direct role in interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation and its elections.  Why would she be doing this?
The United States wants to weaken Russia in any capacity regardless of who the head of state would be. The fact that Vladimir Putin in his earlier term as President of the Russian Federation made statements challenging the uni-polar world, one power dictating terms to the rest of humanity and so forth, hardly endeared him to Western policy makers, particularly those who would like to see NATO expansion progress into the South Caucasus and into the Ukraine and so forth. It’s very important to note that the first two official colored revolutions, those in Georgian and Ukraine were followed immediately by an intensification of the integration of those two countries into arrangements with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
Beginning to get the picture?  But before I continue with Russia Today, I must digress briefly to point you to this article from La Stampa who are writing about the current situation in Greece.  I have run the article through a translator and converted to a tiny url for you.  Click on the translating option if it does not show.  Just in case here is the relevant text which also reveals how the European Union is important to Zionists who see an expanded EU as a precursor to their One World Government from which no nation will be allowed to escape or determine its own future.
UN Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that "the United States are affected by the efforts made by Greece and demonstrate understanding and appreciation for the great sacrifices that the Hellenic people are doing in the face of reforms undertaken by the government needed to keep Athens in the euro area.
Roll on the floor bloody laughing.  These Zionist puppets, like the bitch Clinton are not "affected", they care nothing for the suffering Greeks - or any other people if it comes to that.  All they care about is personal wealth and power and so the concerns, suffering and the Greek protests are ignored and although I do not know if there is a Hell, if there is, then I hope scum like Clinton burn in it for eternity.  Just in case there is not, should we triumph, then we must make their life on earth become hell as a punishment for their crimes against humanity.  Now let us get back on track with the Russian article.

Then there is the issue of Multiculturalism and Russia's attitude towards this muck word and idea.  The West hates the fact that Russia under President Putin recognises it for what it is.  A destroyer of Nations.  Putin expressed his astonishment that “neighborhoods and entire cities where generations of immigrants are living on welfare…do not speak the language of the host country.” before winding up the Zionists even further with this: “This civilizational identity is based on preservation of Russian cultural dominance, which is not only carried by ethnic Russians, but all carriers of this identity regardless of nationality".

In others attacks on Russia in the press, the ageing whore Madonna, who belongs to a Jewish sect and has betrayed her race and proven her loyalty to Zionism by adopting/buying up two black children and taking a young black as her toyboy (he must really want the money bad), has attacked Russia for their stance on homosexuality, where they recognise the rights of homosexuals but not their rights to promote what they and normal people would consider a perversion.  For that attack she was put firmly back in her box by the Russian Deputy prime minister who quite correctly referred to her as a "moralising slut".

Madonna, who is a personal friend of the revolting Clintons has recently come out in her support for the moslem false President of the USA by demanding of American voters that they vote for "the black Muslim in the White House" before going on to say:'So y'all better vote for fucking Obama, okay? For better or for worse, all right, we have a black Muslim in the White House, okay? Now that is some shit. That’s some amazing shite".

Then there is the fact that unlike the Zionist dominated world that is becoming increasingly in debt to the Rothschilds and their global network of banks like the IMF that they run, Russia has not only being paying of her debts and should be debt free by 2016.  Whilst doing this, Russia is also writing off the debts of counties, some really rich in natural resources to them!  Incredible is it not and something that the New World Order wants to put an end to.
It is worthy of note that Russia continues to repay its debts to foreign countries at the time when it writes off the debts of foreign countries to Russia. It would be enough to remember how Germany made Russia pay $30 billion of debt, including $6 billion to the former GDR. One can witness the same situation with all of Russia's allies on the left block.
So by now you should have a clearer picture of why the Zionists have the knives out for Mother Russia, but if you think things will change when Ed Miliband, the hand picked next Prime Minister of our dying Country, takes over from Cameron, when it is Labours turn to govern in our revolving dictatorship form of government, think again.

The Jewish Milibands who are virulently anti-Russian, as was their grandfather Shimon Miliband, who worked for Trotsky and was responsible for the elimination of millions of white Russians when he worked for the communists before entering our country illegally.  I believe that the decendants of illegal immigrants should also be deported and that applies to the vile, crawling Millipede brothers.

But Russia is not Serbia that the Zionists can bomb into submission, they are brave resourceful people and certainly know how to give other nations a black eye when it comes to protecting their motherland.  Remind me never to invade them during the winter.  Then again the lunatic American military might think that the Russians would never think anyone would be dull enough to try that again and so if the Zionists do ever have a pop at Russia expect it to be in the middle of winter.

Upsetting of course to the Zionists is the fact that President Putin is not frightened to name those responsible for the seeds of disorder that is sprouting across the world, including Syria.
Our partners just can't stop,” Putin said at a meeting with representatives of one of Russia's regions. “They have already created chaos in many territories, and now they are continuing the same policy in other countries, including Syria."

Commenting on the "Arab Spring" and the ongoing Syrian conflict, he said: "Our position is to help carry out changes for the better in all countries but not to try to force on them – especially by armed force -"
Way to go Russia.  I particularly liked Mr Putin's words: "The strong countries are trying to push their rules and their moral code on weak countries, without taking into account the history, traditions and religion of a particular country."  Tell the truth and you cannot go far wrong. 

Now I could go on about Jewish Russian Oligarchs and the trouble they are causing around the world but I have run out of time sorry, so that will have to wait for another time or until my Dark Passenger forces me to write about them.

Very quickly now.  If you want the truth on TV, then forget the Zionist controlled BBC and Sky News, set your news channel to Russia Today for the real truth of what is happening in the world.  Likewise bookmark the Russia Today site on the internet and check it daily for the real news and the facts behind the stories.

Finally, thank you to the two new £4 a month subscribers to our site (taking us back up to 9) who signed up yesterday and also those who made a few small donations.

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