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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The English Defence League Supporting the Norwich Reformed Church demonstration

  1.  The English Defence League are intending to hold a in demonstration Norwich to protest at Norwich City Council’s unfair treatment to the Norwich Reformed Church regarding ‘equality issues’

    The heinous crime that the Church committed was about a leaflet entitled ‘Why Not Islam’, written by the church’s pastor, Dr Alan Clifford some ten years ago. The Council claimed that the leaflet was “hate mot

    Norwich City Council have now banned the Church from holding their weekly bookstall outreach at Hay Hill over this leaflet moreover they have also ordered Eaton park Community Centre to no longer take bookings from the Church which has held worship services there for 18 years.

    A complaint was made by one, yes you are reading this correct, one member of the Public to the Police who took no action against Dr Clifford but the Council decided that was not good enough for them and adopted their own politically correct appeasement to this one member of the Public. who was most likely in the opinion of the Horwich Nationalists a member of the said council , and most likely a Labour member to!

    Thus on the 10th November 2012 the English Defence League will be showing their support for the Church and protesting at Norwich City Council’s actions against the Church and everyone else’s Freedom of Speech