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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Labour 'used migrants to keep wages low' | UK News | - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express

Labour 'used migrants to keep wages low' | UK News | - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express


Home Secretary Theresa May
Home Secretary Theresa May
Wednesday October 10,2012

By Martyn Brown

LABOUR fostered a policy of mass immigration to the UK in a deliberate attempt to keep British wages down, Theresa May said yesterday.
The Home Secretary said Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s open-door to immigration was part of a “covert” 21st century incomes policy.

She said the plan failed because for every 100 non- European working age immigrants 23 fewer British-born workers found jobs.

Tearing Labour’s record to shreds Mrs May vowed to slash net migration from 216,000 to tens of thousands within two years. She told the Tory conference:

“It takes time to establish the social bonds that make a community, and that’s why immigration can never again
be as rapid or on the same scale as we saw under Labour.

“Uncontrolled, mass immigration undermines social cohesion. And in some places, it overburdens our infrastructure
Uncontrolled, mass immigration undermines social cohesion
Theresa May
and public services.

“It’s behind more than a third of the demand for all new housing in the UK. And the pressure it places on schools is
clear. We see it in London, where almost half of all primary school children speak English as a second language.

"And we must be honest about the fact that, in some cases, uncontrolled mass immigration can displace local workers and undercut wages.”

Mrs May, wearing her trademark leopard print kitten heels, said independent advisers found “every 100 non-European working age immigrants were associated with 23 fewer British-born people in work”.
 According to Ed Miliband’s policy chief Jon Cruddas, Labour used migration “to introduce a covert 21st century
incomes policy”, she said.

She added: “That’s right, Labour – the party of the working man and woman – admit that they deliberately used
immigration to keep down British wages.”