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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Look out MUM here comes the labour Party

The Political decision by Rotherham Council to remove three children from a foster home (where they were happy) because the foster parents support UKIP shows that the “culture race war” here in Britain is being waged not by the Right, but by the Left and by the Labour party in pativular .
Joyce Thacker (above), the council’s commissars of the people assets (children), who said her decision was influenced by UKIP’s sceptical take on multiculturalism, and her false view that UKIP is the mirror image of those mad American right-wingers who want to outlaw abortion clinics and homosexuals. Unlike them, though, she is in a position of power. Hers is the latest in a series of many increasingly chilling actions of this nature taken by Labour and other closet Marxist traitor 5th columnists posing as council officials. Also last week, Adrian Smith, a Christian, won a High Court appeal against his demotion by Trafford Housing Trust for expressing opposition on his private Facebook page to gay marriage in church. most liberals do  believe that churches should be forced to conduct gay marriages on their premises in our opinion!
A white woman  was convicted of racially abusing her neighbour by calling her a “stupid fat Australian.” if though she was a fat white woman The week before, a British white bus driver won a court case against his sacking for being a member of the BNP – even though he had never acted in a racist way at work, no-one had ever complained and he was considered a “first-class employee.”
The special interest of the Rotherham case – and no doubt why the son of an illegal immigrant and marxist multi millionaire Ed Miliband was so quick to condemn it  is that in five days the town has a parliamentary by-election.And he wants to crawl to the electorate to spew forth his false opinions in order to gain votes.
 Labour is already in a bit of trouble here – about 80 of the 114 members present at the meeting to select its candidate walked out in protest  maybe part of  his his family circle? after the favourite, local man Mahroof Hussain, was excluded from the shortlist. Many of them said they wouldn’t campaign for the token woman Labour chose, Sarah Champion.
UKIP only got 6 per cent of the vote in Rotherham at the general election – but they came second in another byelection in next-door Barnsley last year. Like many working-class Labour areas, Rotherham showed an undercurrent of disaffection with the traitorous Labour  who have done more harm to the white working class than Adolph Hitler ever could have party, even before its MP was forced to resign for FRAUD.