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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Well BOOHOO to Pork and to Shopping with you BOO HOO!

 Well BOOHOO to Pork

Many people on Facebook and other social network sites may have seen the Alleged HR memo given to the employees of BOO HOO
in which non muslim employees are forbidden to enjoy any pork meat or in effect products of any kind. So concerned are we at this pandering to islamic intolerance! that we have contacted a Kathy Allison head of HR at BOO HOO, (email below) as to why this Nazi style policy has been enforced on non islamic staff.

Also we hope that all who read this seriously not consider shopping on the net with this outfit. As it says in effect in the email these islamics are only offended when it suits there purpose! And why should others have to suffer due to the intolerance of others!

 To Kathy Allison at Boo Hoo contact
As some one who was considering using your service to purchase clothes this Christmas, II was horrified when i learned and saw a HR notice from you company on the internet forbidding employees from enjoying pork products a  traditional British food Can you please offer me an explanation of why you have forbidden your non islamic employees from eating pork on your premises.
I find that to do such such a thing is against the Human rights of your employees, by pandering to the intolerant islamic employees. if they find that some one eating pork is offensive perhaps they should consider that eating other cultist and ritualistically slaughter meats is offensive to others who do not share their in my view  intolerant 7th centenary views.
It all the more shocking that you as a company who no doubt pride your selves on tolerance should be so intolerant by subjecting your employees to the intolerance of others!  These islamic employees who object to others eating pork.  I am sure do not object to the extra work and wages ,overtime,ect . that they get at Christmas, Another non islamic practice. Like all Political correct/cultural marxist practises this sound like Hypocrisy on behalf of your company and those who may object to pork !