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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Manchester Labour CLLR who Demanded Removal Of BNP Wreath Email reply to us

We thought it only fitting that the Labour Party councilours reply to our concerns over his objections to the British National Party wreath of Poppies in Manchester. should be aired . rest assured we have all taken a good bath and wash our servers down thoroughly. After having to deal with such people. 

so here we go.

You have been misled. The wreath is as far as I know still where it was put, and despite the inaccurate story at BNP website I did not "demand" it be removed or encourage anyone to steal it. Far from it.

The BNP should remove it and certainly not lay one ever again.

Why? you're asking.

The fact is that in Manchester the Lord Mayor lays the first wreath on behalf of EVERYONE in Manchester including people, workers and councillors.

And NO political parties lay wreaths at all at our Cenotaph. Not one.

The suitability of the BNP for laying a wreath anywhere is another question. But fact is political parties do not lay wreaths at Manchester Cenotaph.

Thanks for your comments.

Chris Paul.

MMMmm  our view is there more than one clown , 



ps my right to comment, paid in full by my Grandfather , who died for my rights and fellow country men for there freedom and way of life and the right to pay respect to whom ever they wish and not for some free loading we will vote Labour for benefits don't offend my 3rd world ways foreigner.