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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Reply to Manchester Labour CLLR who Demanded Removal Of BNP Wreath

It sad state of affairs that such a sad event like this could happen , but the Labour party has now sunk to such a low level of Marxist inspired hatred of the white working class , that I thought it only fair to print a copy of the email , i sent to this oppressor of those whom he should be representing! Manchester Labour Councillor for Withington Chris Paul of Westfield Road, Chorlton
  1. What is up with you trying to have a wreath removed laid by an official and legal political party.

    Has all rational thought departed from you, can you not see that you and your fellow leftist ideologs are sending this country into a dark age nightmare from which it will never emerge. And that also they are putting yourself and your childrens future at risk by your own stupid ill founded ideolog...

    ical actions.

    Just look at history and see what has happened to all those who support a marxist elite . they are always the 1st to be eliminated, despite all there protestations of loyalty to the cause.

    please wake from your dillusions of a brave new world , look around you and see the white working class the people your party was so called founded to protect, living in poverty through low wages from a mass immigrant workforce. There daughters systamaticly groomed by muslim rape gangs. There rights to point out the alternative political view of and to mount a peaceful protest against what is happening to them denied on the grounds that it is offensive to those who are infringing their rights.

    Shame on you many members of the labour party fought in 2 world wars in order to secure a future for THEIR CHILDREN ! And not for the benifit of immigrants who were imposed on us with out our conset (Fact) . You have not only betrayed us, but them as well, as if you give it some rational thought you will see that you have helped to destroy all that they worked for for there children and childrens children.

    Chris Paul can be contacted on 07734137402 or 01612347009 his sugerys are held every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the Month at Withington Library  410 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M20 3BN