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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Another Beheading ISIS Another Bnkers False Flag Deception

Another Beheading ISIS Another Bankers False Flag Deception 

All this ISIS shite , is a false flag in order to invade Syria and Iraq AGAIN! in order to keep the banksters fiat currency going. The US and UK plc governments are funding them. It is the hegalian dialectic in action. Problem! Reaction ! Solution! They create the problem them wait for the reaction, then sell you the solution , to get there origional objectives. Dont fall for there shite. They did it in WW1 and WW2 in order to destroy the German industrial tiger and debt free banking systems. Then screwed us after those wars in order to loot our and the US nations by buying politicians and the people with the welfare state funded by there mickey mouse currencies that are rapidly racing towards Zero value. The previous so called beheading videos have been proven to be fakes, like 9/11 7/7 and all the west's messing around in Ukraine all these are proven false flags. Beware beware, it is you that will die , they will be safe in there bunkers