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Friday, 5 September 2014

Rotherham, Common Purpose and routine evil in England

Rotherham, Common Purpose and routine evil in England 

I generally baulk at publishing Pat Condell's work because he so steadfastly refuses to criticise Zion, no matter what it does.

But this is different. This is as brilliant and precisely accurate a deconstruction of commonplace PC evil as it you're likely to witness and all should check it out.

What occurred, and is still occurring in Rotherham, is happening everywhere in our country nowadays and it must be stopped. And not only must we stop the bestial immigrant from abusing our little girls, we must also punish their insane, far left sponsors to the max.

If you do not agree with this perfectly reasonable statement after viewing the video above, you are very much a part of the problem.

In 2012, Joyce Thacker, the Strategic Director of Children and Young People's Services at Rotherham Council, underwrote the decision to remove three children from their foster parents because they were members of the UK Independence Party. 

The 25 November 2012 issue of The Daily Mail quoted her thus:

"When it became clear to us that the couple had political affiliations to UKIP we had to seriously think about the longer term needs of the children. We have to think about their clear statement on ending multiculturalism, for example. The children were from EU migrant backgrounds and UKIP has very clear statements on ending multiculturalism which might be sensitive to these children."
Er, Joyce, you know the 1,400 little girls, almost all of them English natives, who were gang raped, tortured and prostituted by Pakistani-heritage paedophiles? Do you have any evidence of the sensitivity you showed to them when they were subject to said treatment?

The Mail added:

"She said there was no ‘quality of care’ issue with the couple, the husband is a former Navy reservist who works with disabled people and the wife is a qualified nursery nurse, only that they were UKIP members."
'Quality of care?'

Ironic, huh?

Joyce Thacker is a 'Common Purpose graduate.' 

Sarah Champion, who became Rotherham's MP in 2013, is also a 'Common Purpose graduate.'

I tweeted Ms Champion, queried the 95% statistic and asked her to provide a bona fide link.

She did not do so.

Common Purpose has been described as a hidden virus in our government and schools.'

Here's an American take on the Rotherham paedophiles and their LibLabCon sponsors.
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