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Monday, 18 April 2011

Bolton at Home New tenancy Agreement Concerns over Ambigious Racist Clause

By Horwich Nationalists

As a tenant of the Bolton at Home, I like many others have been receiving a new tenancy agreement , which we have been instructed to sign and return to the new Landlords for the Bolton Metropolitan Council house stock. i already have an agreement will that not do, obviously not!

But on reading this new agreement from the Marxist PC riddled Bolton at Home, I came across in Section 3 article 6.4 which states the following. 

" You must not take part in any Racist action or behavior. A racist incident may be any incident which the victim or any other person considers to be racist".

Now this should have the alarm bells ringing not just for all members of the Indigenous population of Bolton who are involved in the political  struggle for our freedom, But also for those who are concerned at the ever dwindling ability to express an honest opinion under the right of free speech as well as ordinary Bolton at Home tenants. After all in this new tenancy agreement Drug dealing and anti social behaviour has been gone into in depth in section 5, 6 and 7. 

It is my honest belief that this deliberately ambiguous clause has been inserted in order to suppress members of British Nationalist parties and movement such as the British National Party and the English Defence league and those tenants whom support them,as most the support for those movements comes from the white working class, many of whom live in council properties from voicing an opinion or engaging in direct opposition of the ethnic cleansing or colonisation by foreigners of their neighbourhoods.

For as it says "ANY OTHER PERSON !", but! I ASK whom are these other persons? Local housing officers or the Marxist traitor labour councilors in the Bolton area who object to a vote British National Party window poster, or a comment that immigration has destroyed this country to your neighbour or in a local newspaper, that some one overhears or reads. Or even some furtive Asian driver passing your property that you frown at because you suspect him of cruising for prepubescent teenage white girls ,or even running as i do, a Nationalist blog from my own home. 

This clause , is a nightmare clause straight from the pages of the George Orwell novel 1984, it will lead to people whom are tenants of  Bolton at Home in being afraid to discuss anything with their neighbours or acquittance's, just like the scenario that was in place in the old Soviet Union, of trust no one so opposition to the Communists could not created through the fear of betrayal. It could be summed up as love thy colonising neighbour or else! no matter what they do!!!!

I strongly urge all patriots and concerned residents of Horwich and Bolton and even Nationwide to voice their objections to this ambiguous and dubious clause, and that it must be reworded to state AS COVERED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT! AND NOT BY ANOTHER PERSON.
you contact Bolton at home at the following website Bolton At Home new tenancy Agreement
or e mail Jon lord Chief executive Bolton at home
or ring 01204 335487 Mon to Fri Asking for the chief executive. 
or write to 
Jon Lord 
Chief Executive
Bolton at Home
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