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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Safeguarding the use of 'cash' in the UK

Safeguarding the use of 'cash'

 April 2011: Nick Griffin struck a blow for Britain's older generation when he signed Written Declaration 1/2011 calling for “Free Choice in Means of Payment”.

 The declaration is an attempt to resist the push to an all credit card system of payment and safeguard the use of 'cash' in purchasing.
In the current financial crisis it is vital to ensure that everyone has the freedom to choose and access the means of payment best suited to their needs.
It may look like a technical issue, but in reality it affects millions of people across Europe and the Western World.
The most vulnerable groups in society should not be forced to use the most expensive means of payment.
Cash is currently the only available means of payment that is both free for the user and universal, while most card-based and electronic means of payment are restrictive.
"Governments are currently being lobbied by the banks to make the use of cash increasingly difficult or impossible," says Nick.
"This will lead to social and financial exclusion on a massive scale of our older generation, who prefer the use of cash, as well as the less well off who have difficulty in gaining access to credit card facilities.
"This is why I have supported the Written Declaration