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Saturday, 23 April 2011

From the Depths Of Our Despair

From the Depths of Our Despair

By The Horwich Nationalists,

The lessons and symbolism of the Easter message still can be brought to bear on our national Life today, for what lies in the future for our people and our nation.
For me Easter Saturday or passover day of Easter when Christ descended into hell to conquer death and the Devil is the most  overlooked day of Easter for many. 
For at that point the future of the new covenant between man and God established by Christ by his Apostles and all who knew and followed him on Earth seemed to be doomed, and that they may had followed a false prophet. And faced with a traitorous elite amongst their own people and the ever present might of the Roman European Union or Empire as it was known all seemed lost!
But what they did not know that at their deepest point of despair and sense of hopelessness their greatest victory was being established by Christ and that their freedom from and victory over eternal death and extinction was at that very moment being won for them.  
The similarity to that point in time for the first Christians and we Christian Nationalists and our struggle today to save our Faith Nation and People is at this very moment mirroring the feelings of that point in time, when all may seem lost, to the evils of this modern atheistic Marxist elite and the followers of the false moon God. And that the battle against these evils by all those who keep faith in our Christian and National Heritage and traditions of freedom,truth and Justice, may be in vain.

For tomorrow is Easter Sunday when Christ is arisen from death his victory over death and evil complete freeing man from the bondage of evil and damnation forever. And for a final time before ascending to be with his Wonderful and Beautiful Heavenly father showing himself to his followers with his final proof of victory and instructions that led to the greatest and most true and wide spread faith that was by the conversion by persuasion the world has ever seen. 

Therefore if you are feeling that all may be lost, you must see our National Predicament today as the Easter Saturday, all may seem to be lost but at this very moment our victory is being assured, and that tomorrow is Easter Sunday when our Victory over evil will be shown to all, 
And the greatest conversion by persuasion will come about with our people reclaiming their Heritage Nation and Christian Faith, that will lead them to a National salvation of Bodies and more importantly  Souls.
May I wish you all a Happy Easter and keep the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, for if you seek him you will be set free!