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Sunday, 24 April 2011

One Law for Them and Another for Us British

One Law for Them and Another for Us

Muslims chanting ‘BNP burn in hell’ and waving placards stating ‘The Koran will destroy man-made law’ and ‘Islam will dominate the world’ demonstrated outside a mosque on St. Helen’s Road, Swansea, on Good Friday.
Muslims from an organisation called the ‘Ummah of Muhammad’ distributed leaflets intended to incite the 1,000 Muslims attending the Swansea mosque yesterday. Police boxed in the marchers outside the Rowlands Exchange & Mart store; however, it is understood that no Muslims were arrested by Swansea police for incitement.
This is, of course, in sharp contrast with the politically motivated arrests of two British National Party candidates by Swansea police in a night raid by ten plain-clothes police officers in unmarked cars who ransacked their home, seizing computers, mobile phones, satnav equipment, election material and personal belongings.
As reported earlier on this site, Sion Owens, a British National Party candidate in the current Welsh Assembly election, was one of thousands of people internationally who is alleged to have burned a book, in his garden, last 11th September, on the anniversary of the 9/11 Islamic terrorist atrocities which caused the deaths of nearly 3,000 innocent victims. Joanne Shannon, the British National Party candidate for Swansea East in the Welsh Assembly election, was also arrested once police realised she too was a British National Party candidate.
Although Swansea police were forced to withdraw charges against Sion Owens, their reckless and irresponsible action directly placed both Sion Owens’ and Joanne Shannon’s lives in danger, not least as a result of an Islamic ‘fatwa’ being issued against them.
Ironically, the ‘protective measures’ now needed to be put in place by Superintendent Phil Davies of Swansea police – in recognition of the real and serious threat the police have caused to be created with the issue of an Islamic fatwa in Swansea – completely failed even to warn Sion and Joanne of the demonstration by fanatical Muslims in St. Helen’s Road on Good Friday, in order for them to take steps to avoid the area.
Instead, they learned of the events from people in Swansea city centre who happened to witness them, rather than from the police protection patrols. It is Superintendent Phil Davies’ complicity with the media smear campaign against the British National Party election campaign, by journalist Mark Townsend of the left-wing Guardian newspaper, which directly led to this situation in the first place. So much for democracy.

As we up our intensity and activity towards election day, the enemies of Nationalism are also upping their illegal activity in a vain hope of disrupting and intimidating the dedicated British National Party activists.
Today in Abergavenny our tabletop stall has been disrupted and our activists accosted by the deputy leader of the local council. Our people have refused to move and are carrying on their lawful political campaigning. The council officials have now brought the police in to try and have our people removed.
At the same time, at our tabletop stall in Bridgend, one of our Assembly candidates has been assaulted, and eggs have been thrown at our activists. The police have been called, and again our dedicated team is still on the street.
“We will not be intimidated on our own streets in our own towns,” said Brian Mahoney, the Wales Regional Organiser.
“We are, in fact, stepping up our campaign in the face of this concerted attack, and I appeal to every Nationalist in the country to come to Wales for the last week of action. This election will go right down to the wire, and much will depend on our mobilising our support in the last week.”
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