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Saturday, 9 April 2011

More Surrendering to rule from Brussels and Berlin

Surrendering to rule from Brussels and Berlin

 April 2011: 
The EU has responded to the growing crisis threatening the future of the euro by demanding even more power, not only from the countries whose economies are already being destroyed by the euro but from those who still plan to cast themselves into this abyss.

 The 'Euro-Plus Pact', imposed at Germany’s behest at a meeting of eurozone ministers in Brussels on March 25th as a condition of further bailouts of the ailing euro by Berlin, commits signatories to surrender sovereignty over many areas of tax policy. The Pact imposed a Common Corporate Tax Base as a revenue neutral way forward to ensure consistency among national tax systems, according to the draft conclusions from the summit.
This will enable Berlin to force countries like Ireland to raise corporate taxes to German levels. The Irish had been attracting inward investment by offering companies lower taxes. They will no longer be allowed to do this. Also Berlin will be able to dictate higher retirement ages to the Pact  member states.
Apart from the eurozone members, who have no choice, six non-euro nations also signed up to the Pact - Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Denmark.
As Bulgarian Prime Minister Bokyo Borissov ruefully admitted:
"If we don't back the 'euro-plus pact', there is no use of applying to become a eurozone member". All twelve countries in the EU’s 2004-2007 enlargement wave. Including Bulgaria agreed to surrender their currencies as soon as possible and join the euro.
Despite this, the Hungarians and Czechs have refused to sign on the dotted line, saying they want to keep the freedom to decide their own taxes, and the Poles are demanding more time to read the small print. Why the Danes – who are not in the euro and have no known plans to join – have signed only they know.
They signed away their sovereignty, they signed away their laws, they signed away their money and now they are being asked to sign away setting their taxes and retirement ages.
That’s what the EU wants to do to us too.
The aim of the 'European Project' – EEC, EC and EU, is – and it has never a sectret in the slightest, to merge its member states into a single European superstate. This latest grab of more independence and freedom from those members foolish enough to enter the inner circle of Eurodom is yet another step on the downward staircase to complete surrender to rule from Brussels and Berlin.