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Monday, 25 April 2011

Chairmans Update Build the Nationalist Alternative Media Open your Eyes to Mass Media LIES!


Build the Nationalist alternative media
Open your eyes to mass media lies

Fellow Patriot,
voffrontpage The Voice of Freedom (Number 122) is out now. This special edition is twenty pages long and features a four-page spread about our May election campaigns and many exclusive stories not available online.
Inside you will find:

  • An in-depth blow-by-blow breakdown of the epic victory against Trevor Phillips and his tax-payer funded PC army.

  • News of the record number of British National Party councillors elected un-opposed this year

  • An Editorial on the war in Libya

  • Reports on the scourge of unemployment in our communities

  • Our lively and sometimes controversial letters column where ordinary Nationalists just like you get to debate and express their views

  • and more... vofcentrepages1 Subscribe and get yours hot off the press! It is packed with hidden and censored news that the mainstream media refuses to print.
    The Voice of Freedom is not censored by the Political Class and brings you all the facts. It has a hard-hitting, no-nonsense style. It brings you the truth before you hear the establishment media lies.
    Make sure you subscribe today.
    vofcentrepages2 The Voice of Freedom is not to be missed. A full year's UK subscription is only £13.15, postage and packaging included.
    Subscribing to Voice of Freedom will make you better informed about matters in the news as well as key developments within the British National Party.
    Stay informed and support our alternative Nationalist press with the Voice of Freedom. Subscribe now:

    Thank you in advance, Nick Griffin
    Chairman Nick Griffin MEP
    Member of the European Parliament

    P.S. Make sure you keep in touch with the Nationalist struggle. Subscribe to Voice of Freedom online or by ringing 0844 809 4581. Remember if our operators are busy please call back.