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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Cameron Plays the Race Card – British national Party Chairman’s Update

Cameron Plays the Race Card – Chairman’s Update

There must be an election on! Just two weeks before elections in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and many parts of England, David Cameron is once again trying to steal our policies – or at least pretending to.
Cameron has played the race card by admitting that Britain has been torn apart by the biggest influx of immigrants in history, and declared that the Government aims to "bring levels back down".
This has not gone down well with his “partners” the Lib Dems. You will recall that they absurdly advocated a complete amnesty for illegal immigrants during the General Election.
To listen to Cameron now, you would think that he had joined the British National Party! Now he blames a welfare system which has paid Britons to stay home and castigates foreign jobseekers "not really wanting or even willing to integrate" for turning many of our neighbourhoods into ghettos.
Now he suddenly realises that immigration has been "too high for many years" and has created "discomfort and disjointedness" across our country.  
Cameron is trying to blame Labour for the growing strength of the British National Party. He now says that dismissing legitimate concerns about mass immigration as "racist" is wrong.
As a multi-millionaire with a nice house and a police guard, Cameron is not affected by the problems caused by immigration. Remember, only recently the two-faced Cameron said Oxford University was a disgrace for not having enough students from black backgrounds, and he stated that he believes in a "one-nation Conservative party and a one-nation Britain". Cameron is Janus-like, facing two ways on immigration and multiculturalism. He doesn't really care, but because of growing support for our stance on immigration, he has to pretend to.
Because of the hard work of the British National Party, ordinary British people are now able to voice their legitimate and reasonable opinions. Cameron is afraid of the growing support for the British National Party and has been forced to listen and at least fake an interest in your concerns. He has been forced to play the race card to shore up the Tory vote.
Only we speak the truth about immigration, 365 days a year
The British National Party must get the message over that whatever Cameron says on immigration he cannot be trusted. Only the British National Party speaks the truth on immigration. We don't suddenly change our views when an election is on. We campaign against the abuse of our welfare and immigration systems day-in and day-out. 
Think about the facts below, and remember that this has all happened because Cameron and his masters before him wanted it to happen. Cameron is not genuine on immigration; he just wants to win votes. 

- More than 91,000 foreign nationals were arrested last year on suspicion of crimes including murder, burglary and sex offences.
- A Vietnamese illegal immigrant has been caught growing £80,000 worth of illegal drugs in a quiet cul-de-sac in Hampshire.
- An illegal Ukrainian immigrant helped siphon nearly £3.2m from the government in an Income Tax Self Assessment scam that lasted nearly two years.
- Criminals from other European Union nations are being convicted of more than 500 offences a week in the UK.

Time is short – your urgent and generous support is required
We need to urgently send a huge wave of second leaflets to all voters in key First Past the Post seats in Wales, showing that Cameron can’t be trusted on immigration. We must strike while the issue is in the news and at the forefront of the public mind. We have a great leaflet under production right now. We need £2,500 if we are to hit these key voters with our hard-hitting message. But we need the money right now.
The Royal Mail will deliver our leaflets for free, which means that for every £20 you give there will be another 2,000 leaflets directly in the hands of voters. Every penny you send will go directly into our new wave of leaflets, pressing home our message that immigrants are abusing our system.
As a token of my thanks for your support, I will send the first ten people who donate more than £50 today a signed copy of our Welsh manifesto and the leaflet that, with your money, more voters will see.

Thank you in advance,
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

P.S. With your help, we will ensure that the ordinary folk of Wales get to know the truth about Cameron and his immigration lies, and are able to kick these politicians where it hurts… in the ballot box. Ring 0844 809 4581 to donate now.
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