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Monday, 18 April 2011

British people must demand non-halal meat in The UK

British people must demand non-halal meat

 April 2011: 
Nick Griffin's growing reputation as a campaigner on behalf of animal welfare issues means that more and more campaign groups are turning to the MEP for help with their specific issues.

 It is especially true on the thorny topic of halal slaughter where animal welfare campaigners know that their concerns will be dismissed by the majority of other British MEP's because any show of support on this issue would lose their party the Muslim vote at future elections.
One such group wrote to Nick this week asking for help.
"For some time now we have been campaigning against halal meat, by writing to MPs, MEPs, DEFRA, the NFU and many others.
One of our members had a very interesting telephone conversation with a senior member of staff within a government organisation which she promised she would not name in case his position was compromised.
He admitted that Halal slaughter is extremely profitable, and for that reason the food industry needs non-Muslims to accept halal meat as 'normal' so that it becomes the main choice of meat on sale.
Muslim food requirements is now one of  the growth industries within the UK, and if British producers don't 'Go Halal' it will cut the size of their market and meat imports will have to increase.
The British people need to demand that there is a large, clear label on all ritually slaughtered meat.
An RS label is vital for British consumers so that they are given the right to choose and boycott the halal meat if they so wish.
Then as demand decreases so the need for RS slaughter will decrease too and therefore there will be less animals suffering under cruel demands of Sharia Law.
The Muslim are getting their hala meat because they are demanding it and animals are suffering as a consequence. The British people must start demanding non-halal meat and then we can stem the growth of this cruel industry.
Please use you influence as an MEP to lobby for the maximum support on this labelling issue