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Saturday, 25 September 2010

BNP Chairman Nick Griffin Outlines Bring Our Boys Home Campaign Strategy

Nick Griffin Outlines Strategy Following Successful Launch of “Bring Our Boys Home” Campaign

The British National Party will coordinate its new online data system to ensure that the thousands of people who have signed the “Bring our boys home” anti-Afghan war petition are approached for postal votes, party leader Nick Griffin has said.
Speaking in an exclusive interview for Radio Red, White and Blue, Mr Griffin outlined some of the events which unfolded on the first day of action last weekend and went on to map out where the campaign was going from here.
He thanked the Glaswegian BNP team in particular for bravely withstanding an attack by far left wing thugs and all the activists who had turned out for what had been a very “fired up” launch to the campaign.
“It will continue for another three weeks and then we will encourage people to help the poppy sales for the British Legion and then there will be another round of activity on a similar topic,” he said.
You can hear the full interview on Radio RWB by clicking here.