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Thursday, 16 September 2010

“Nazi” Smear Used against France for Resisting Roma Gypsy Crime Invasion

“Nazi” Smear Used against France for Resisting Gypsy Crime Invasion

The worn-out “Nazi” smear has been turned out once again to smear the French government because it has dared to try and protect France from a shocking 358 percent increase in Gypsy crime through a perfectly legal deportation policy.
The pathetic smear came from the far left EU chief Viviane Reding who also announced that her organisation was going to take punitive action against the French government for reportedly deporting over 1,000 Gypsies back to Romania.
Ms Reding and her far left backers, including “former” Communist Party member and EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso, appear not only to be too useless to think up a new smear word, but also totally ignorant of the EU’s own laws, which make the deportations perfectly legal.
The legal status of Gypsies from Romania and Bulgaria — who are the centre of the storm — is governed by EU regulations which state that if a non-Schengen area national has been in an EU state for more than three months and has no job or no proof of substantial means on which to support themselves, they can be deported at any moment.
This also applies if those non-Schengen nationals are found guilty of a public order offence. Romania and Bulgaria are non-Schengen EU member states and the French government is therefore fully within its legal rights to deport nationals from those states.
More importantly, however, is the Gypsy crime wave which sparked off the deportation orders in the first place.
Interior minister Brice Hortefeux revealed official statistics which showed that crime rates and “delinquency of Romanian origin” in Paris had rocketed by 138 percent in 2009 and by 259 percent in the past eighteen months.
“Today, in Paris, the reality is that almost one thief in five is a Romanian” and “one theft in four by minors is committed by a Romanian minor,” Mr Hortefeux said.
Mr Hortfeux said that these figures were “not about stigmatising this or that population, but we cannot close our eyes to reality.”
As a result, the French government has ordered the dismantling of at least 300 illegal Gypsy camps across France as part of a fight against crime and urban violence.
The figures showed that in 2008, some 1,323 Gypsies were charged with criminal offences. This figure leaped to 3,151 in 2009. According to Mr Hortefeux, most of the charges were related to burglary, theft and pick pocketing.
It is estimated that some 15,000 Gypsies — who are not Romanians or Bulgarians, but actually Indians who arrived in Europe during medieval times — have flooded into France since those Eastern European nations joined the EU.
France's immigration minister, Eric Besson, went on to say, "We must broaden the possibilities for issuing deportation orders (for people who pose) a threat to public order by repeated acts of theft or aggressive begging."
The deportations are therefore aimed at criminals, not any specific ethnic group — but in the eyes of the crazed far left, anyone wanting to protect their nation against a criminal invasion is now a “Nazi,” even if, as they are in French president Nicholas Sarkozy’s case, themselves of Jewish origin.
The outburst by Ms Reding serves two valuable lessons:
- Firstly, that the smear words invented by the far left have become meaningless; and
-Secondly that it is the EU’s intention to ensure that any attempt, no matter how half-hearted, to assert ethnic European identity, is vehemently opposed, even if lies and deceit have to be used for that purpose.

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