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Sunday, 26 September 2010

The UK Police State Has Labelled 280,000 Children as “Racists”

Police State Has Labelled 280,000 Children as “Racists”

Nearly a third of a million British children as young as three years-old have been put onto a database of “racists” because of a stipulation in the Race Relations Act of 2000 which obliges teachers to report any language would could be interpreted as insulting to other races.
The shocking statistic, indicative of the madness to which political correctness has sunk under the Labour-Tory-Lib Dem insanity, emerged in Freedom of Information replies obtained by the Manifesto club, a left-leaning civil liberties group.
The reports showed that between 2002 and 2009, 280,000 incidents of “racist language” muttered by schoolchildren aged three and up had been reported.
According to media reports, the Race Relations Act forced all public authorities “‘to promote good relations between persons of different racial groups.”
All details of the incidents are logged onto databases held by the Government, which means that an innocent remark made by a four-year-old now, will become a permanent part of that individual’s state records for the rest of his or her life.
In terms of the Act, teachers are instructed to report “racism” even if the “victim” was not offended or if the child does not understand what they were saying.
This horrific intrusion into our nation’s civil liberties, decency and common sense was supported by all the Westminster parties when it was put before Parliament, so none can say they did not know or support this fascist dictate.
How much more has to happen before the British public understand that they are sleepwalking into a nightmare police state which will make even KGB officers blush?
The British National Party represents our last hope against the evil tide which threatens to destroy forever all the things which made our nation great.
The BNP dedicates itself to the expunging of this evil known as the race relations industry and all its associated laws and organisation from the body politic of our nation.