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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Anti-Democracy Laws Now Being Extended to Other Groups And Christians besides BNP in UK

Anti-Democracy Laws Now Being Extended to Other Groups besides BNP

The warning by British National Party leader Nick Griffin that state-directed attempts to persecute the BNP were just the precursor to moves against any dissident group which did not agree with the far left, is about to become a reality for Christians opposed to homosexuality.
A Christian group, Christian Voice, which is a multiracial organisation, has now discovered that its protest against a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender parade in Manchester has been targeted for “hate” and faces the possibility of being banned from all future protests.
According to a report in a local newspaper, around 20 placard-waving demonstrators gathered outside the John Rylands Library on Deansgate as the procession passed.
Despite the small group’s protest being completely drowned out by the singing and whistle-blowing crowd of thousands, the Labour Council has decided that the tiny group of Christian protestors were “disrupting” the procession and needed to be banned.
Apparently the council bosses now “plan to work with police to see whether anti-hate laws can be used to ban similar scenes at Pride next summer.”
Pat Karney, the council’s city centre spokesman, said “such protests had no place in Manchester.
“I will be meeting organisers and police to make sure that next year people are not subject to these vile, hate-filled rantings,” Mr Karney said.
“We have a proud history in Manchester of freedom of speech but there is no place for this,” he added, either not realising or deliberately ignoring the utter hypocrisy of that statement.
"There are things we can do using hate laws to make sure they do not come back,” he added.
Stephen Green, national director of Christian Voice, was quoted as saying that it “is a very sad day for this country when the authorities want to clamp down on the teachings of the Gospel. This is a major assault on freedom of speech,” he said.
The decision to persecute Christians in Britain for daring to peacefully protest is indeed a major assault on freedom of speech, but it is the logical consequence of the chain of events set into motion when the Tory/Labour/Lib Dem establishment created laws to persecute the BNP.
It is a pity that the Christian groups did not protest then and did not heed the BNP’s warnings that this was just the start of an all-out assault on traditional values, but at least now that the situation is more obvious, perhaps the scales will fall from a few more eyes.
* The BNP’s official position on the issue of homosexuality is that it is firmly a matter for the individual and nothing to do with anyone else. There should be no more reason for “gay pride” marches than there should be for “straight pride” marches.