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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Rotherham BNP Launches “Bring Our Boys Home” Campaign with First Town Stall

Rotherham BNP Launches “Bring Our Boys Home” Campaign with First Ever Town Stall

The British National Party in Rotherham proved that it is as strong and robust as ever last weekend when it took its first ever tabletop stall into the town centre to launch the 'Bring our Boys Home' campaign.  
Coordinator Marlene Guest and a group of keen activists reported an extremely favourable reaction from locals who had never seen the party out in force in this manner with their eye-catching banner and paper stall.
The party’s support of our armed forces was highlighted by the presence of activist John Bettney, previously with the Barnsley branch.
Mr Bettney, who posed with the rest of the activists for a group photo, drew much public attention and comment for his medals which were gained while on seven operational tours during his 22 years service in the armed forces. 
The public snapped up the petition forms, leaflets and purchased copies of the Voice of Freedom. Several requests for public meetings were made by townsfolk, many of whom objected to being swallowed up by the cultural change within the community and the recent loss of the local steel industry to globalisation.